8.5MM Tips

Elk Master  Tips  8.5mm Box of 50
53,50 CHF
Elk Master Tips 8.5mm Pack of 5
11,00 CHF
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8.5 mm tips / leather tips

8.5 mm Cue tips as replacement tips - Quality, variety & reliability for cues

Tips play a decisive role in the maintenance, repair and replacement of billiard cues. Choosing the right tip is very important, and 8.5 mm leather tips are a popular choice among billiard players. Find out more about the 8.5 mm tips below, in particular the Elk Master Tips from Tweeten.

The 8.5 mm Elk Master Tips are made of specially treated leather for outstanding durability and performance. With a diameter of 8.5 mm, these tips offer an optimal balance between precision and power. The box of 50 is ideal for those who want a long-term supply or want to maintain their cues regularly. This quantity ensures that you always have a high-quality replacement tip to hand.

For players who want to be more flexible or want to try out their tip options, the pack of 5 is a practical option. Each tip in this pack meets the high quality standards of Tweeten Elk Master and is ready to take on the challenges of demanding pool games.

What sets the Elk Master tips apart is the use of specially treated leather. This treatment not only guarantees a long life, but also a consistent quality in every single tip. This consistency is crucial for players who want to keep their equipment at the highest level.

Overall, the 8.5 mm diameter Elk Master tips are the right choice for players looking for high-quality replacement and upgrade tips for their billiard cues. The box of 50 and the pack of 5 offer flexible options to suit individual needs. With a guarantee on every tip, Tweeten Elk Master emphasizes its confidence in the quality and performance of its products. Invest in the care and maintenance of your cues with these premium 8.5mm tips and enjoy a consistently impressive playing experience.

If you have any questions about the 8.5 mm tips, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.