Pocket Plates

Pocket Plates
Top Fitting Brass Pocket Plates with Bolts (set of 6)
129,00 CHF
Brass Broad Bow Pocket Plates with Bolts (Set of 6)
129,00 CHF
2 Pin Brass Broad Bow Pocket Plates (Set of 6)
109,00 CHF
Riley Match 2 Pin Brass Pocket Plates (Set of 6)
149,00 CHF
BCE Style Brass Pocket Plates (Set of 6)
259,00 CHF
Small Brass Broad Bow 2 Pin Pocket Plates (Set of 6)
85,50 CHF
Billiard Dinner 2 Pin Brass Pocket Plates (Set of 6)
85,50 CHF
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Pocket plates for billiard tables

Pocket plates are essential components of any billiard table that are often overlooked, but have a crucial impact on the quality of your game. In our billiards online shop, you will find different types of pocket plates that play an important role in maintaining the optimal playing conditions and aesthetics of your billiard table.

What are pocket plates and why do you need them?

Pocket plates are the inserts or linings that are placed in the openings of the pockets of a billiard table. They are usually made of brass or stamped steel and are designed to allow the balls to pass evenly into the pockets.

Why are pocket plates they important?

  • Protection: pocket plates protect the edges of the pocket openings from wear and damage. This extends the service life considerably.
  • Ball guidance: They provide an even guidance of the balls into the pockets, which makes the game fairer and more challenging.
  • Aesthetics: The right pocket plates give your billiard table an attractive appearance and fit in with the overall design.

Why do pocket plates need to be replaced?

Pocket plates need to be replaced over time for a number of reasons:

  • Wear and tear and damage: During the game of billiards, pocket plates are subjected to heavy wear and tear. Balls bounce against them, and they have to absorb the impact. Over time, this causes wear and can lead to cracks or damage. This has a negative effect on the ball guide and the aesthetic appearance of the billiard table.
  • Deformation: Pocket plates made of materials such as brass or stamped steel can deform over time due to constant pressure and temperature fluctuations. An uneven surface can affect the ball guidance and make the game more difficult.
  • Optimization for different tables: Billiard tables are often available in different sizes and styles. To ensure the best possible performance and aesthetics, it is necessary to adjust the pocket plates to the specific table. Pocket plates that are not properly sized can negatively affect play.
  • Aesthetic reasons: Since the pocket plates are visible and have a significant impact on the appearance of the billiard table, they are also replaced for aesthetic reasons. If the old pocket plates look worn or damaged, new pocket plates can give the table a fresh and appealing look again.

Overall, replacing pocket boards is a normal maintenance procedure to maintain the quality of play, the durability of the table and its external appearance. It is important to ensure that the pocket plates are in good condition to ensure smooth and accurate billiard play.

Different pocket plate sizes and styles

We offer a wide range of pocket plates including top fitting brass, wide bow brass, 2 pin wide bow brass and more. Depending on the size and style of your pool table, you can find the right pocket plates from us.

Pocket plates are often underestimated but indispensable components of any billiard table. In our assortment, you will find the right pocket plate variant that best suits your needs and table style. Ensure smooth ball tracking, protect your billiard table and give it a stylish touch with our high-quality pocket plates.

If you have any questions about pocket tops, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.