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Pool table trolley - Pifting and transporting pool tables easily

A pool table trolley, also known as a lift truck or billiard table lifting trolley, is a special piece of equipment designed to easily lift and transport billiard tables.

A pool table is a heavy piece of furniture, usually made of a solid wooden construction and covered with a heavy slate top. Due to its weight and size, it can be difficult to move a pool table or transport it over stairs or uneven surfaces. This is where the pool table trolley comes in.

A pool table trolley usually consists of a sturdy steel construction with castors and a lifting mechanism. The castors allow the trolley to be pushed under the pool table, while the lifting mechanism allows the table to be raised. This lifts the table off the floor surface so that it can be moved easily without damaging the floor or tipping the table.

The pool table trolley is particularly useful when transporting a pool table over short or long distances, e.g. when moving house or transporting to another location. It also makes it easier to move the table within a room, e.g. to make room for other activities.

It is important to note that the use of a pool table trolley requires a certain amount of care to avoid damage to the pool table or the surrounding area. It is recommended that transport is carried out by experienced professionals who are familiar with the correct use of the pool table trolley.

If you have any questions about our billiard table trolley, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.