Cueing Gloves

Cueing Gloves
Taom Midas Cueing Glove Medium Left Black
37,90 CHF
Taom Midas Cueing Glove Medium Right Black
37,90 CHF
Taom Midas Cueing Glove Large Left Black
37,90 CHF
Taom Midas Cueing Glove Large Size For Right Hand
37,90 CHF
Cueing Glove – Left Hand Plain (Black)
16,50 CHF
Kamui Cueing Glove Medium Left
37,90 CHF
Kamui Cueing Glove Medium Right Hand
37,90 CHF
Kamui Cueing Glove Large Left
37,90 CHF
Kamui Cueing Glove Large Right Hand
37,90 CHF
Kamui Cueing Glove XL Left
37,90 CHF
Kamui Cueing Glove XL Right
37,90 CHF
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Play & win professionally with the right billiard gloves

Billiards is a mental sport. Every game is a new challenge. It's all about precision, control and exact execution. The brain is continuously active, and the appropriate movements strategically execute the next shot. Discipline and control lead to victory. The game of billiards is also accompanied by the emotions and mental characteristics of the different players. But not only the head plays a decisive role. The player can only be as good as his "equipment" allows him to be.

Are billiard gloves really only for professionals? This statement is a misconception. Billiard gloves offer many advantages. Whether beginner, hobby player or professional, the right billiard gloves facilitate the entire game. With the right billiard glove, the billiard player quickly realizes that the shot can be executed more accurately.

The billiard glove offers many advantages

In principle, it is purely a matter of taste whether the billiard glove is used. However, who uses the billiard glove is clearly at an advantage. After a few attempts, it is usually quickly established that the advantages of a cue glove clearly speak for themselves. No matter which billiard glove is used, the material is always very smooth. The material is elementary, important. Mostly the skin-friendly Lycra material is used in the production. The very smooth material Lycra has the advantage that the gliding on the hand is optimal. The hand forms a shaped bridge for this purpose, and the shot glides easily on the surface of the glove. The next billiard shot can hardly be executed better. The advantages of a glove speak for themselves, so to speak.

Breathable and sweat absorbing

The material of the cue gloves or billiard gloves is sweat-absorbing. From its property, the material is particularly breathable. Hands often get wet while playing. The billiard glove keeps the butt optimally dry. A damp or wet hand is ultimately always a hindrance. This applies to the billiard gloves as well as to the cue gloves. Especially at warm and high temperatures, the billiard glove offers only advantages. The hand comes automatically fast into sweating. The sweat film on the skin makes an exact shot much more difficult.

The safe and good grip

As a rule, the billiard gloves have a practical as well as adjustable closure on the wrist, because every hand is different. Thus, the perfect fit is guaranteed and can be optimally adjusted by the Velcro closure. Nothing can slip at the wrist as well. The billiard glove provides the secure grip on the table. The push can be executed calmly and safely. Thus, a stable bridge can be formed. With a billiard glove, experience shows that the shot is more accurate and therefore more precise in the entire execution.

No chalk residues on the own skin

Who does not know them, the intense blue chalk residues on the skin? They stick longer than desired. With a billiard glove or cue glove, this cannot happen. No more blue hands and no more blue fingers.

Every billiard player has his preferences

The choice of billiard gloves and cue gloves is very large. There are models with or without closed fingers. Partly, there are models where the fingertips of the index or middle finger are closed. Likewise, there are gloves where the thumb remains closed. Then again, the wide market of billiard gloves offers variants that leave these three mentioned fingertips free in front. Gladly, the billiard players prefer the billiard gloves with the open domes. Especially when it is warmer, the billiard glove is perceived as not so hot.

The cue gloves from Taom

Taom professional billiard supplies offers attractive cue gloves. The premium performance gloves support any kind of cue sports. The cue glove is made of silky and ultra-thin material. The TAOM mark is popularly used in a decorative way. The cue glove offers a lot of extra comfort. The Velcro closure makes it easy to put on as well as just as easy to take off. The TAOM billiard glove feels like a second skin. TAOM billiard gloves are seen time and time again at all major worldwide TV tournaments. Whether the Taom Midas Cueing Gloves are for the left or right hand, the design speaks for itself. The cue gloves are available in different sizes.

The models from Taom

A popular cue glove is the Taom midas cueing glove medium for the right hand. The glove encloses thumb, index and middle finger. The tips are closed in each case. The cue sits perfectly on the hand. Other attractive models are available in large for left and right.

The cue gloves from Kamui

The Kamui brand stands for innovation and the realization of dreams. A clear slogan of the emerging company is the "pursuit of excellence". The Japanese company is always looking for new challenges. Kamui's products are constantly being developed. The deep commitment of the team is reflected in the attractive collection. The success of the fresh and young company speaks for itself worldwide. The cue gloves are modern and of high quality. The Kamui billiard gloves are available in different sizes. Even in XL, the gloves are available.

The models of Kamui

The attractive models of Kamui are available as Kamui Cueing Gloves Medium left or right hand. For the larger hands, there are the sizes "Large" and "XL". Of course, the models are available for purchase for both the left and right hand. The light and very comfortable material of the billiard gloves supports the player during his next shot. With the high quality cue glove from Kamui the game gains professionalism.

If you have any questions about the billiard gloves, we are of course happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.