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High Quality Riley UK Russian Pyramid Tables

Russian billiards or Russian pyramid are a very well known billiard form especially in the states of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. The variant of pyramid billiards goes back to Peter the Great, who learned to play billiards in the Netherlands in the 18th century and subsequently brought it to Russia. In contrast to traditional Central European billiards, Russian pyramid is a form of pocket billiards played on a modified snooker Russian pyramid table with narrower pockets. There are a total of four rule variations when playing: free, dynamic, combined or classic. In the following, the three different Russian pyramid tables of the Riley UK brand are presented and compared with each other.

Different Russian pyramid billiard tables

Riley Aristocrat Style

The Russian Pyramid billiard table Riley Aristocrat Style is the most playful billiard table among the three presented models. Its eight table legs are ornate and have the appearance of an antique piece of furniture and are made of either high-quality shiny metal or dark brown or black solid wood. Also made of dark brown solid wood is the border around the playing surface to ensure maximum stability. The Riley Aristocrat Style is therefore available in three designs: dark brown solid wood with metal table legs, pure dark brown solid wood and pure black solid wood, whereby the variant made of dark brown solid wood is the cheapest, while the black and metal variants are slightly higher in price. This billiard table is available in four different dimensions, namely 243 cm, 274 cm, 304 cm and 365 cm. With the dimensions 243 cm, this table is also available in full metal and thus certainly a real eye-catcher. In order to be able to use the Russian pyramid billiard table as a dining table when no billiards are being played, an additional cover made of full-quality, shiny wood can be purchased, with which you can also use the table for other purposes.

Riley Club Style

The Russian pyramid billiard table Riley Club Style also has notched, very elegant table legs. In general, however, this table looks a little more sporty due to its matt finish. Like the Riley Aristocrat Style, it is available in 243 cm, 274 cm, 304 cm and 365 cm. Each of these four versions is also available in four different designs: in matt lacquered wood with table legs made of the same material or in silver matt table legs, in chestnut red table legs made of solid wood or with table legs made of shiny gold, high-quality metal. Somewhat less expensive are the billiard tables with table legs made of the same material; the tables with metal table legs, on the other hand, are somewhat higher. The option of an elegant sporty cover is also offered for this Russian pyramid billiard table, but only for the full black version. The Banquet Dining Top in matt black rests dignified on top of the billiard table, thereby enlarging the table visually enormously and radiating a comfortable atmosphere for other uses.

Riley Grand Style

The Russian pyramid billiard table Riley Grand Style represents the sportiest Russian pyramid table. Its table legs are straight, which makes its design reminiscent of an elegant piano grand. It is available in the sizes 243 cm, 274 cm, 304 cm and 365 cm either in shiny black or in metal optics. This Russian pyramid table becomes a special eye-catcher with a Riley Grand Banquet Top as table cover, which is also available in full white.

Good to know

A billiard table naturally also needs to be looked after, for which you will find the necessary accessories in the table care section. Dust and lime residues on the felt billiard cloth can be easily removed with a special brush from Riley UK. Especially for snooker tables, which include the Russian pyramid billiard tables, there are also so-called cushion brushes to enable an ideal flow of play during the game. A soft, moistened cloth is sufficient for cleaning the balls and a standard hoover for the dust in the pockets. If cleaning with special brushes does not bring the billiard cloth completely clean and a new one is needed, Riley UK offers billiard cloths in red, blue and green as well as six different matching snooker cloths.

To ensure that the valuable cloth of a Russian pyramid billiard table retains its playing characteristics over the long term, it is essential to iron it at regular intervals. Always iron in the so-called nap direction. There are special irons for proper care. An ironed cloth always has considerably better playing characteristics, as possible rotations of the ball are transferred to the playing cloth.

To protect the Russian Pyramid pool table from dirt, Riley UK offers three different table covers: a fitted cover cloth, an economy cover cloth and an extra thick cover cloth that protects against more extreme external influences. For ideal visibility during play, there is a special brass ceiling light with three lampshades in five different colours. After a certain period of use, every billiard table naturally shows signs of wear and tear, which can be easily repaired with spare parts. At Riley UK all kinds of spare parts and accessories are available from pocket leathers, pocket nets to strings, snooker ball catchers and hooks for auxiliary cues.

If you have any questions about the Riley UK Russian Pyramid tables, we will be happy to advise you with our many years of know-ho