Billiard chalk blue

Chalk Blue
Roku Chalk by Kamui Blue Individual Piece
49,00 CHF
Kamui Chalk 0.98 Sky Blue Individual Cube
49,00 CHF
Kamui Chalk 1.21 Harder Compound Sky Blue Individual Piece
49,00 CHF
Taom Chalk V2 Blue Single Piece
32,50 CHF
Taom Pyro Chalk Blue Single Piece
32,50 CHF
Triangle Chalk Blue Card of 3
8,50 CHF
Triangle Chalk Blue Box of 12
15,00 CHF
Triangle Chalk Blue Box of 144
65,00 CHF
Pioneer Chalk Blue Box of 12
27,50 CHF
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Billiard chalk blue from top brands

In our online shop you will find a large selection of billiard chalk in the colour blue from top brands such as Kamui, Taom, Triangle, Pioneer and Roku.

The billiard chalk is usually offered in the form of a paper covered cube and applied to the so-called tip at the top of the cue to provide better static friction between the tip and the cue ball, because the tip is a rounded cap made of leather and therefore quite smooth as well as the billiard ball itself.

Chalk paint

In pool, blue billiard chalk is normally used, whereas in snooker, green billiard chalk is preferred, which is more finely granulated and leaves fewer marks on the billiard cloth. Basically, the colour of the chalk should match the colour of the billiard cloth as the playing surface, so that unattractive discolouration can be avoided. In any case, each chalk can be used universally.


With more than 90 %, silicon dioxide, i.e. quartz, is the main component of billiard chalk. Aluminium oxide, binders and dyes are also added. However, billiard chalk does not contain any measurable fat. The expression "greasier" in fact describes the degree of adhesion of a chalk, which sticks to the white cue ball after the shot.

Application of the billiard chalk

To apply the cube-shaped billiard chalk to the leather, there are two options: spinning chalking or diagonal chalking, which is also called cross chalking.

Spinning chalking has the advantage that the billiard chalk is applied quickly, and it is convenient, but it has the disadvantage that the leather bores into the chalk in a circle and thus a lot of chalk is lost unused. Furthermore, the ferrule gets unnecessarily dirty with chalk.

Therefore, the second option of chalking across the cross is more advantageous, because the chalk cube becomes evenly smaller from above. With this variant, you first chalk on the diagonal and then use the four lateral surfaces.

Browse through our selection of blue billiard chalks and find the right chalk according to your requirements.

If you have any questions about blue billiard chalk, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.