Marker Boards & Spare parts

Marker Boards & Spare parts

Marker boards and spare parts for billiards, snooker & pool

Scoreboards are essential accessories for billiards, snooker and pool as they accurately track the score and are an important element of the playing experience. The market also offers a variety of replacement parts that extend the life of these boards and ensure continued use. In this summary, we have a look at the different aspects of scoreboards and the spare parts available.

Marker boards / Counting boards as scoreboards

Our range of scoreboards for billiards, snooker and pool offer a comprehensive selection for enthusiasts of these sports. These high-quality accessories are used to accurately keep track of the score during a game and give the billiard room a professional atmosphere.

A scoreboard is an essential accessory, consisting of a board with counters to record the points scored. This enables precise documentation and prevents inconsistencies in the game. The advantages include precise game tracking, clarity, fairness, stylish design and adaptability to different numbers of players.

The counting boards are functionally versatile and fulfil the requirements of different billiard variants. They are made of robust materials and have a first-class finish to withstand the rigours of a lively game. In addition to their functionality, they are aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly into any billiard room.

The simple assembly and handling allow for quick installation without the need for specialized knowledge. Some models offer advanced features such as timers and game timing, ideal for official tournaments. A perfect gift for billiard enthusiasts, these scoreboards allow you to keep track of games with style and precision.

Discover the world of billiards, snooker and pool with high quality scoreboards to complete your billiards room.

Marker Boards / counting boards spare parts & accessories

The maintenance and optimization of scoreboards play a crucial role in ensuring precision and reliability in the sports of billiards, snooker and pool. To ensure that scoreboards are always in perfect condition, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality spare parts and accessories.

The availability of specific spare parts and accessories for scoreboards is particularly important due to their intensive use in public areas and clubs. These components allow for quick replacement of worn parts to keep the scoreboards running smoothly. They also enable adjustments to be made for different game situations and ensure precise counting in professional competitions.

In our online range, we offer a selection of count board poles, count board pointers, number strips and count board lighting solutions. These products are designed to optimize the performance of counting boards by improving stability, precision and visibility. Invest in the quality and precision of our products to ensure efficient and reliable counting practices in your sports activities.


Counting boards and their spare parts are crucial for a smooth and enjoyable playing experience in billiards, snooker and pool. Players should make sure to select high-quality scoreboards and use the appropriate replacement parts when needed to ensure long-term use and enjoyment of the game. The world of scoreboards remains exciting and offers new possibilities for players of all experience levels.

If you have any questions about our counting boards or spare parts and accessories for counting boards, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.