Billiard Room Equipment

Billiard Room Equipment

High quality billiard room equipment

A billiard room is meanwhile not only reserved for the professional players. Many passionate billiard players would also like to pursue their hobby in their own four walls. Thus, they are spared not only the way to the billiard hall, but also a possibly not perfect billiard table, which was drawn by frequent playing or wrong use in damage. So that you can fulfill the dream of the own billiard room, we offer different products to the billiard room equipment.

Likewise, our offer addresses itself to operators of billiard halls, restaurants and other mechanisms, which either already possess a billiard table and/or snooker table or would like to equip an area thereby.


In order to protect especially the cloth of a billiard and snooker table when not in use, it is recommended that it is protected with a tarpaulin. This will prevent dust and dirt from getting onto the cloth, which can affect the appearance and enjoyment of the game. In addition, the remaining parts, for example, the wood of the border, will not be strained. At the same time, a tarpaulin prevents light from bleaching the individual materials, which also makes the table unsightly.

In addition to protection, these covers equally provide a visual effect in your billiard room and enhance it, even if you do not play a game.

In our online store you will find cover tarpaulins of various colors, thicknesses and sizes, from 152 cm (5 feet) up to 365 cm (12 feet) from various suppliers, some of which are waisted.


To a billiard room, equipment belongs of course a stylish illumination of the table, in order to guarantee a perfect playing pleasure. Depending on your personal taste, you have a choice of different models.

The classic pendant lamps with three or four lampshades in different colors and lengths give the new billiard room a characteristic style, which is often found in traditional billiard halls.

If, on the other hand, you like more of a modern look, our metal-look pendant lights, with the bulb already included, are just the thing. They come in a variety of sizes, so billiard and snooker tables from 6 to 12 feet will be perfectly illuminated.

If you want to illuminate small areas away from the billiard table, for example the sitting area, the cue stands or other elements of your billiard room, our single pendant lamp is the perfect choice. If you combine several lamps, it is also suitable as table lighting.

Auxiliary cues & attachments

Depending on the height of the players, the size of the table and the position of the billiard balls, the cue alone is not enough to make a precise shot. For these cases you will find various aids in our shop.

We have auxiliary cues in different lengths, from 121.9 cm to 275 cm, which can be screwed on or put on. In addition, there are telescopic cues that can be adjusted to the required range. These are from 139 cm (extended 193 cm) to 180 cm (extended 274 cm) long.

With our attachments, which are made of various materials, you have the choice between different designs. Do you prefer a classic cross or more elaborate designs? Here you are guaranteed to find the model that suits you best, which can be easily attached to the auxiliary cue.

Cue holders, cue stands & spare parts

Not only practical, but as an upgrade for your billiard room are our cue stands and holders, which become the real eye-catcher of your billiard room equipment.

The stands, which are made of chrome and brass for example, present themselves in different colors and designs. They offer space for 6 to 18 cues.

If you prefer our wall holders, you can choose between noble mahogany and oak. Both simple and elaborate models, which offer space for 6 cues, adapt to your individual wishes.

Depending on the frequency of use and use, damage is not excluded. Therefore, we carry spare parts for the wall holders in case the clips ever break, or you want to replace the existing ones.

Cues for billiard room

You often have guests who do not have their own billiard cue or do not want to transport it back and forth all the time. Then take one of our cheap cues, which are available from different manufacturers in various lengths, from 91.4 cm to 147.3 cm and different widths, either 10 mm or 11 mm.

These billiard cues are also excellent for the billiard room equipment of billiard halls and restaurants where a billiard table is available.

Snooker table irons & spare parts

Depending on the intensity of use and the skill of the players, the table cloth must be replaced after a certain time. If you decide to do this yourself, we offer various accessories that simplify the replacement process.

To guarantee a flawless playing experience, it is imperative that the cloth is pulled smooth. For this, a special snooker table iron is needed. In our online store you will find not only different designs, but various utensils. Starting from the spare plug to spare iron stands to thermostat and neon light. In addition, there are different heaters, a shelf and a pressure pad for the iron.

Counting boards & spare parts

To a successful billiard room equipment belong logically likewise boards, on which the current play state is held. Depending on your personal taste and the rest of the furnishings, you have the choice between oak and noble mahogany as material. Do you like it rather simple or more elaborately designed? Different designs in different sizes allow you to choose the counting board that suits you, either for 2 or up to 4 players.

If you want to customize your boards or need spare parts for them, you will find a wide range of number strips and pointers in different colors and designs.

As a special eye-catcher, you set the counting boards with the lighting, which you can find under the category "spare parts & accessories".

If you have any questions about billiard room equipment, we are of course happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.