Multi Games Tables

High-quality multi game tables for young and old

The multi game tables are space-saving and very popular in private and commercial areas. People always enjoy playing. There is no age limit when it comes to table football, billiards or classic board games. Playing gives pleasure to young and old. The fun factor is always guaranteed. The multi game table offers all popular games combined in one table.

The multi games are always a clever idea

Many classic games such as the table football can be stored in a multi game table. Who has the space to put a table football, a pool table and a table tennis table all at once at home or in their pub. The multi game tables have a lot to offer. Even Black Jack, Hockey or Backgammon can be played with a multi game table. All it takes is a few moves and the table is transformed as if by magic. Instead of table football, billiards is played afterwards.

Lots of variety with the multi game table

The multi-functional game table provides fun for young and old. Senior citizens in particular benefit from playing. The mind is stimulated and counteracts possible dementia. Young people and children can usually hardly refrain from playing of their own accord. Multi games take place in a sociable round. Off to the nearest pub and have fun together with the table football box. The versatility of the multi game tables speaks for itself. For those who have little space at home, the purchase of a multi game table is a successful story.

Playing with the whole family

The multi-functional table provides a lot of fun for the whole family. Whether the quieter games like backgammon or checkers or the fast reaction games like table football, there is the right game for everyone. The football table is very popular with young people. Especially during the European or World Cup, the football tables experience a real hype. Those who get hold of one of the multi game tables can be happy. This way, fun championships with the table football box take place all year round.

Off to the ice hockey in your favourite pub

Combining the cosy with the playful is always a good idea. Evenings in the pub are particularly entertaining at one of the football tables. Especially the multi game table invites you to play. Ice hockey is very popular. The challenge is to push your own team to the top. But practice makes perfect. The game tables are true all-rounders. If you still prefer ice hockey in winter, you may prefer table football in summer. multi games allow for a wide variety of games. This is what makes the multi game tables so popular. Every generation loves to play. Some are calmer with backgammon, chess or draughts and the younger ones prefer hockey and table football.

Ready to go with all accessories

Of course, there are matching accessories for the game tables. This way, children, teenagers and adults can casually exchange games at the multi-game tables. Just when you are playing table football with your friends, you can play backgammon with your grandmother. Everything is possible at any time at the multi game table. If accessories are needed for the game tables, they are ready to hand at the side. The convertible game tables have the popular classics like table football and billiards, but they can do much more.

Robust and stable

The multi game tables are stable. They can withstand fast and furious play. The robust construction of the multi game tables also speaks for their excellent quality. Of course, this statement also applies to the quality of the billiard cues and balls. The tables can be converted in just a few steps. The plates that are not needed on the multi game table are removed. Then the next game can be started immediately.

Many game possibilities for every day

Anyone who has a football table at home knows the problem. At some point, less is played and then there is a phase when playing becomes more attractive again. Due to the one-sidedness, the desire to play diminishes at some point. The multi game table does not have this problem. Due to the variety of the game boards, interest always remains high. Today table football is played and tomorrow simply billiards.

Football tables for everyone

Whether table football box, football table or billiards, everyone can now quickly change the game board at home, in the pub or in the club. Especially in clubs, pubs or in shared flats, the multi games bring a lot of variety into the game. The game tables bring people together who would otherwise not necessarily play together. With the multi game table, there is the right game for everyone.

Cleaning the multi game tables

Whether football tables or game tables in general, they are easy to clean. The handles can be oiled over time and the surfaces can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. For more stubborn dirt, a light soap suds can remove the remaining traces of play. It is important for table football or ice hockey that the handles continue to run smoothly. Football tables need a light oiling regularly so that the goals can be targeted properly. Otherwise, every football table is uncomplicated to clean. In the same way, the table football box is easy to convert, in the course of which it can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth. The multi games are uncomplicated to clean and maintain.

If you have any questions about the multi game tables, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.