Billiard, snooker and pool cues


Large selection of cues

A billiard cue is the tool of every billiard player. Therefore, the choice of a suitable billiard cue is not only a matter of the type of game, but also of one's own taste. In our portfolio, beginners as well as advanced players and professionals will find what they are looking for. We carry various billiard clubs as well as snooker cues and extensions.

Buy the right billiard cue

We offer billiard cues from different manufacturers in different qualities and price categories.

BCE Cues
At BCE UK you will find cues that combine the latest technology with years of experience to produce top quality billiard cues. A lacquered billiard cue is often named after very prominent snooker players. They are made of ash wood and are fitted with weights. There are often sets consisting of cue, extensions and case. While there are no one-piece designs, the mid-priced cues come in half-pitch, the expensive ones in ¾ pitch.

Dufferin Cues
The manufacturer Dufferin has been known for the durability of its cues for decades. The best materials are used for the production, so that an almost perfect balance between playing characteristics and degree of hardness has been found. The one-piece billiard cues are often used as so-called "house cues" in billiard centres. For pool you can buy a two-piece billiard cue from Dufferin.

Kruger Cues
The brand Kruger offers billiard cues which are available with or without inlays. The cues are made in a cooperation between Oliver Ortmann, a multiple world and European pool champion, and BCE. Depending on the requirements or price segment, we have different Kruger series in our assortment.

Peradon Cues
The company Peradon has a tradition of more than 100 years in cue production. In the meantime, Peradon is part of the E.A. Clare & Son group. The company's product range offers models in different qualities and different types of construction. The standard shafts are almost always made of ash wood, the grip part mainly of ebony, occasionally of rosewood. The elaborate designs have a ¾ split, although some are also one-piece, and are basically traditionally hand-spliced. The less expensive designs are two-piece. Depending on the design, the handle part lengths and decorative splices differ.

Riley Cues
Riley supplies high quality snooker pool cues, something the company is very proud of. Riley UK knows that their customers' expectations are high, and they should be when buying from such a world-renowned brand.

Snooker cues in different versions

For the billiard variant snooker you need a different cue than for pool or other variants. This is not least due to the mass of the snooker table, which is much larger than for American pool. You can play billiards with a pool cue, but it would be inappropriate for snooker. The top of a snooker cue is much thinner than a pool cue and it is also lighter. Instead of a nylon or canvas band winding, the handle part is lacquered.

Basically, snooker cues are made in three variations: One-piece, ½ pitch half-length and ¾ pitch, where the pitch is made in the lower part of the handle. There are also versions where there are two division threads. The first is in the middle and the other in the grip area.

One-piece snooker cues are characterised by their robustness against shocks and scratches. They are ideal for permanent use in leisure venues. They are rather unsuitable for transport due to their length of approx. 1.5 m.

Professional players prefer a "butt joined" cue, i.e. a ¾ pitch in the lower grip area. If the division is 30 - 40 cm from the end of the cue, the grip can be replaced more easily, for example to play shots over longer distances. If you want to buy split billiard cues, you should pay attention to a good quality of the thread.

Of course, we also have the right extension for your billiard cue. Our assortment includes the mini extensions up to the big cue extensions. Special telescopic extensions allow you to extend the billiard cue precisely.

When the table is too long: auxiliary cues and attachments

Not every billiard and snooker player is nearly two metres tall. Therefore, it often happens, more often with snooker tables, that the cue cannot reach billiard balls. Auxiliary cues, also available as telescopic auxiliary cues, can be helpful here. They are simply placed on the table and thus extend the player's own arm. In this way, a safe shot can be made. You can buy the auxiliary cues in different lengths for your billiard cue. We also offer different heads for auxiliary cues, which go on the tip of the rest cues.

Billiard cues for guests

Surely there will be one or the other guest who does not have his own billiard cue with him. To be prepared for this, you should buy cheap billiard cues, which are also used in arcades. Here we offer different types of billiard cues for guests in different lengths.

Storage of the cues

To protect your valuable billiard cues at all times, there are special cue holders for the wall or cue stands that you can place on the floor. Depending on the design, the cue racks provide a secure hold for six to eighteen billiard cues.

The wall holders are designed for up to six billiard cues and are made of different woods. They consist of two parts, both of which have to be attached to the wall: One at the bottom, one at the top.

If you or one of your guests has grabbed the billiard cue too quickly and has torn out a holder, you can of course get suitable replacements from us.

Care and repair of billiard cues

Even with the highest quality billiard cue, there comes a time when a part is worn out and needs to be replaced. Maybe something has broken over the years of use and needs to be replaced. For this purpose, we offer various articles for the care and repair of billiard cues.

The part that is most likely to wear out is the leather at the tip of the cue, the so-called "Pomeranze". Here we offer not only different sizes, but also various colours. The ferrules, which connect the cue leather to the cue itself, can also be found in our online shop, along with other accessories that make replacement easier, such as a mounting machine.

In order not to contaminate the thread, you can order a cap from us, which is screwed on instead of the extension. Special microfibre cloths are available for the care of the billiard cue.

If you have any questions about the billiard cues, snooker cues and pool cues, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.