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Aramith Pool Balls 51mm (Screen Printed)
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Aramith Pool Balls 47.5mm (Screen Printed)
109,00 CHF
Aramith Pool Balls 41mm (Screen Printed)
89,00 CHF
Aramith Pool Balls 37.5mm (Screen Printed)
89,00 CHF
Aramith Pool Balls 57mm (Engraved)
259,00 CHF
Aramith Pool Balls 52.5mm (Engraved)
249,00 CHF
Aramith Pool Balls 51mm (Engraved)
199,00 CHF
Economy Pool Balls 57mm Engraved
119,00 CHF
Aramith Pro Cup TV Pool Balls 57mm
349,00 CHF
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The world of billiard balls - Precision in the game

Billiards is not just a sport, but an art form that combines precision, strategy and skill. Billiard balls are a crucial element of this fascinating game. In this category, we delve into the world of billiard balls, shed light on their different aspects and find out how they influence the game.

Material & manufacture of billiard balls

Billiard balls are traditionally made of phenolic resin (Aramith) or polyester resin. These materials ensure high durability and resistance, which is crucial for the quality of the balls. They are manufactured in complex processes in which precision is the top priority. Each ball must be exactly the same weight and have the same diameter to ensure even play.

The importance of ball colours

Billiard balls are available in different colours, with each colour having its own meaning. The black eight ball, for example, is the decisive ball in 8-ball, while the numbered balls in 9-ball must be pocketed in the correct order. The colours therefore contribute to the tactical component of the game.

Precision & balance of the billiard balls

The exact weight distribution and balance of each billiard ball are of crucial importance. Unbalanced balls can affect the game by causing unpredictable trajectories. Manufacturers use specialized technology to ensure that each ball is perfectly balanced and allows for precise movement on the table.

Care & cleaning of billiard balls

Regular care is required to ensure that the billiard balls retain their quality. This includes cleaning with special cleaning agents such as Aramith Ball Cleaner or Aramith Ball Restorer to remove dirt and residues. A well-maintained ball enables smooth play and extends the service life.

Large selection of Aramith billiard ball sets

In our online assortment, you will find different sizes of complete Aramith billiard ball sets with 16 balls, which are either screen printed or engraved.

The main difference between "Screen Printed" and "Engraved" billiard balls lies in the way the markings or designs are applied to the surface of the balls.

Screen printed billiard balls

Screen printing is a printing process in which colour is printed through a fine screen onto the surface of the billiard balls. The screen serves as a stencil that allows the desired pattern or marking to be transferred to the ball. This technique is often used to create clear and sharp designs on the balls. In the context of billiard balls, "screen printed" usually means that the numbers, patterns or other markings have been applied to the surface using this screen printing technique. These balls are known for their clear and highly visible markings.

Engraved billiard balls

In contrast, engraved billiard balls are not printed, but the markings are incorporated directly into the surface of the ball through an engraving process. Engraving refers to the cutting or carving of patterns, numbers or designs using a precision engraving machine. This process creates recessed lines or patterns on the surface of the ball, which can result in a three-dimensional effect. Engraved baubles often have an elegant and durable look, and the markings can be deeper and more permanent compared to screen printing.

Overall, both techniques offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Screen printing is often more cost-effective and allows for detailed designs, while engraving is a high-quality, durable and stylish option. The choice between screen printed and engraved balls depends on the player's personal preference, budget and desired aesthetic.

Of course, you will also find individual balls in our online range, should a ball become unusable or unsightly or simply gone missing, even with the most careful care and treatment or due to an accident.

Choosing the right billiard balls is crucial for every game. Careful manufacture, precise balance and proper care help ensure that the balls retain their quality over the years. In this category, billiard enthusiasts not only discover products, but deepen their understanding of the subtle nuances that make playing with billiard balls a unique experience. Discover the world of precision and let yourself be carried away by the fascination of billiard balls.

If you have any questions about our billiard balls, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.