Other Games, Publications & Prints

Other Games, Publications & Prints
Table Bowls 51mm (4 pairs of bowls with jack & chute)
429,00 CHF
Table Bowls 52.5mm (4 pairs of bowls with jack & chute)
459,00 CHF
Sheet Rules of UK 8 Ball Pool
6,00 CHF
Know the Game of Snooker Book
25,00 CHF
Rules of Snooker & English Billiards (W.P.B.S.A.)
25,00 CHF
Sheet Rules of Snooker
25,00 CHF
Dog Prints (50cm x 39cm) Set of 5
27,50 CHF
Handicap Tournament Sheet 10 pack
9,90 CHF
Old Cue Making Prints 40cm x 59.5cm (Set of 5)
27,50 CHF
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Other games, publications & prints about billiards

In this category of our billiard shop you will find a carefully curated assortment of rule books and unique printed matter relating to the game of billiards. Whether you want to improve your game, expand your knowledge or express your passion for billiards with special items - you've come to the right place.

Table bowls and exclusive game accessories

Discover our range of table bowls sets, including high-quality bowls, jacks and chutes, suitable for players of all ages and abilities. Perfect your technique or simply enjoy a game with friends and family.

Comprehensive rules for billiards and snooker

We emphasise the importance of correct play. That's why we offer a range of rulebooks - from the official UK 8 Ball Billiards rules to detailed guides for snooker and English billiards. These rulebooks are essential for anyone who takes their game seriously or is simply interested in the intricacies of these fascinating games.

Unique printed material

Our collection includes not only humorous depictions and historical illustrations, but also practical aids such as handicap tournament sheets. You'll also find prints from old cue manufacturers that add a touch of elegance and history to any room.

We understand the passion behind every shot and every game. That's why we endeavour to offer you products of the highest quality and uniqueness that reflect your love of the game. Dive into our range and discover what we have to offer - because this is where your journey into the world of billiards and beyond begins.