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For a consultation or more information on any aspect of our services regarding tables, installation, ordering and shipping please contact Darren Paris on 079 832 88 83 (the Official BCE & Riley Distributor for Switzerland) call back service also in operation. A consultation is highly recommended to get the best solution for you (no fee).
Our prices are based on RRP from Riley UK and all extras are included.
Organised  through Riley England we ship and install premium Snooker, Pool and Russian Pyramid tables anywhere in the world.
All costs are inclusive of all import costs, delivery (Switzerland & Liechtenstein), installation, deluxe accessories pack and a full manufacturers warranty.

Riley England offer a wide range of Billiard Pool Tables, including American Pool and English Pool configurations. Manufactured in Great Britain from hand selected solid woods, some of our tables have over 1,000 different colour, finish and cloth variations.

Contact us for advise on configuration of your billiard pool table that exactly suits your interior design. The Riley billiard pool table range contains 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft models, meaning that whatever size your room, we will have a pool table to suit.

High quality pool tables for beginners & professionals

Your own pool table is something very special for both beginners and professionals in this sport. It not only gives the room a certain charm, but also an exclusive character. At your personal pool table, you can refine your technique or play a round with your friends. In our online shop you will find pool tables in all price categories, different sizes and designs. As official seller for Switzerland, we distribute billiard tables of the renowned English brands BCE and Riley.

Billiard tables from BCE

The company, which was founded in 1976 and started with the distribution of coin-operated machines, cues, table spare parts and balls, has already had experience in the production of high-quality snooker and pool tables since the 1980s. Together with billiard and snooker cues and other accessories, they enjoy a worldwide reputation and sponsor some top players' events. In the UK, they are the market leader in gaming tables. While the inexpensive pool tables are perfect for home use, the higher priced ones can additionally be used in the club.

A pool table from BCE is usually made with a warp-free MDF top instead of a slate top, which gives more flexibility, for example when moving house, as they can be moved easily due to the weight saving. In addition to the normal free-standing pool tables, there are vertical and flat folding versions to allow billiards to be played in rooms that are otherwise used for other purposes.

Billiard tables from Riley UK

In 1897, this company was founded as a simple sports shop. Within just under a decade, Riley had already become one of the top brands in billiard and snooker tables by the mid-1920s, having expanded their range to include the manufacture of these gaming tables. They continue to focus on impeccable craftsmanship, producing pool tables, cues and various accessories from high quality materials with creative designs. Different styles offer the right table for every taste. That is why many well-known professional athletes support the products of this manufacturer.

A pool table from Riley for every room

So that you can fulfil your dream of having your own pool table, our range includes models in sizes 7 (approx. 213 cm), 8 (approx. 245 cm) and 9 feet (approx. 275 cm). Depending on the model, the centimetre specifications may vary. To be on the safe side in case of doubt, please contact us for advice. In the course of this, we will give you tips on the right room size for your chosen model, among other things.

A Riley billiard table to match the room design

No matter how the room in which your pool table is to be placed is designed: Here you will find the suitable model, which fits perfectly into the existing surroundings and can even become a highlight. Over 1000 different combinations of colours, fabrics and surfaces are available for this purpose. In addition, there are the various designs, some of which impress with elaborate carvings in the solid wood.

Billiard tables from Riley in various configurations

Since there are different variations in billiards, Riley pool tables are available in American Pool and English Pool, among others. The range also includes outdoor tables that can be transformed into a dining table in no time at all. The matching benches are included in the set. Indoors, these quick-change artists transform a dining room into a playroom at the same time.

Create a club atmosphere with the right lamps

Bring the flair of a billiard club into your home by using stylish billiard table lighting. Choose from classic funnel-shaped luminaires or modern light sources for large-area lighting. Depending on the model, different colours are available to match the room décor.

Accessories and spare parts

Both during installation and later, to visually enhance the billiard table, you can find certain accessories in our online shop. These include plates for fixing the pockets and pocket nets (pocket plates), the pocket leather, pocket nets, ball catchers, accessories for bar billiards as well as maintenance parts and small parts for the table fitter. With the hooks available from us, you can conveniently store auxiliary cues directly at the billiard table.

Increase the life span through proper care

To ensure that the playing cloth does not lose its properties over a longer lifetime, we recommend increasing the service life through regular billiard table care. Table brushes that do not stress the cloth and squeegees that optimally care for the cloth are suitable for this purpose. In addition, we have brushes for the often hard-to-reach rail in our range, which make the edge care of the billiard tables much easier.

The iron for the pool table

You can also prolong the life of your pool table by ironing the tablecloth repeatedly with a special iron for pool tables. This also improves the playing characteristics. Various spare parts for the iron are also included in our range.

From old to new

After a certain period of use or under certain conditions, pool tables can show wear or defects in the playing surface, while the rest of the construction still appears as good as new. In this case, it is often sufficient to replace the tablecloth in order to be able to play perfectly again. Various designs, colours and sizes of pool cloths are available for this purpose.

The cover for your pool table

In order to protect your pool table from rain and sunlight, especially outdoors, we recommend the use of a cover, which extremely increases the life of the playing surface. Depending on the use and requirements, different thicknesses and sizes are available in our online shop.

We are happy to advise you

For comprehensive information, please contact us. We will help you find the optimal billiard table for you. This service is free of charge and is helpful for a long playing pleasure. Questions about ordering in our online shop, shipping or on-site installation can also be clarified during this conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.