Russian Pyramid Tables

Russian Pyramid
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High Quality Russian Pyramid Tables for Beginners & Professionals

Russian pyramid (or also called Russian billiards or just pyramid) is a billiards variant that is popular mainly in Russia and other countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Outside of Russia, this variant is rather unknown. The game is played on an associated Russian pyramid billiard table. At 12 feet, this table is the size of a snooker table, but Russian pyramid billiard tables do not have rounded pocket inlets. The pockets in a Russian pyramid table offer only a few millimetres of space for pocketing the 16 balls. This billiard variation therefore requires special precision.

There are different disciplines in Russian pyramid, but they are all played equally on the Russian pyramid billiard table. With a diameter of 68 millimetres each, the balls in Russian billiards are among the largest of the various billiards games.

The winner of the game is the first player to reach 8 points, i.e. the first player to pocket 8 balls. Unlike pool billiards or snooker, you don't play with coloured balls on a Russian pyramid billiards table, but all so-called object balls are white and partly numbered and the cue ball is often red or yellow.

Our assortment of Russian pyramid billiard tables

A noble game like billiards should be played on an equally noble table. That is why you will find only high quality Russian pyramid billiard tables in our assortment. For example, we carry Russian pyramid tables from the British quality brand Riley UK.

These are covered with the classic green cloth and are available in many different versions. Among others, we carry 3 model variations. The "Riley Grand Style" with straight, classic legs and the "Riley Club Style" with turned table legs.

As a special feature, we also carry the table in "Riley Aristocrat Style" with noble, curved lines and matching table legs. In addition to the model selection, our Russian pyramid tables are also available in various sizes. In the usual 12 foot version (full size) as well as in 8ft, 9ft or 10ft. This allows you to choose the Russian pyramid table that best suits your space. In addition, you have the choice between black and gold accents for the "Club Style", for example, while the Russian pyramid billiard table "Aristocrat" is available with noble silver accents.

Due to its dimensions, a Russian billiard table is particularly suitable for larger rooms, halls or entrance halls. However, the option of adding one of our diner tops covers to the Russian pyramid tables also makes it possible to place a Russian pyramid billiard table in a dining room or dining room and use it as a table when not playing.

Special accessories for Russian pyramid billiard tables from Riley UK

As a special feature, you will find matching so-called Dining Tops next to Russian pyramid billiard tables. These are high-quality cover plates made of wood, with which you can cover your billiard table and thus convert it into a dining table. This is especially practical if your table is placed in a multifunctional room.

All our so-called Banquet Dining Tops perfectly match your new Russian Pyramid billiard table in terms of material, colour and style. They are therefore available in different sizes and also different colours or finishes. This way you can match the Dining Top to your Russian pyramid table.

In this context, please also note our covers for billiard tables. We have these not only for pool or snooker tables, but of course also compatible with a Russian pyramid billiard table.

Details about the scope of our Russian pyramid tables

All our prices for Russian pyramid billiard tables include import costs, delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Furthermore, the installation of the Russian pyramid billiard tables is also included. Of course, you will receive a comprehensive deluxe accessories package with your new Russian pyramid billiard table, as well as a full manufacturer's warranty from Riley UK. If you have any further questions about any of our Russian Pyramid billiard tables, please feel free to contact Darren Paris (079 832 88 83) at Tablesports.

The matching accessories for your new Russian pyramid billiard table

As we would like to offer our customers a complete package on the subject of billiards, you will of course also find suitable high-quality accessories for Russian pyramid billiard tables in our range. You are therefore welcome to browse through our other categories in the online shop.

Among other things, you will find a large selection of table care products and of course spare parts and accessories for tables and table fitters.

Since especially tables that are used a lot and often need a renewal after a certain time, you will also find billiard cloths in our shop. Some of these are available in different colours: the classic green as well as red or blue.

Another accessory that should not be missing in any billiard room is an iron, especially for Russian pyramid billiard tables.

With a regularly ironed billiard cloth, your table has considerably better playing characteristics. In addition, the use of an iron can protect the cloth in the long run and also remove "dirt" from the cloth of the Russian pyramid tables.

To create the right flair in the billiard room, suitable lighting is very suitable. It illuminates the Russian pyramid table optimally and thus provides perfect conditions for a match of billiards.

Furthermore, a billiard lamp gives the room that certain lighting atmosphere that is simply part of a game. Of course, it is also possible to buy the billiard accessories after purchasing the Russian pyramid table.

We are happy to advise you

For a comprehensive consultation, please contact us. We will help you find the optimal Russian pyramid table for you. This service is free of charge and is helpful for a long playing experience. Questions about ordering from our online shop, shipping or on-site installation can also be clarified during this conversation. We look forward to your contact.