UK 8 Ball Pool tables & Spare parts

UK 8 Ball Pool tables & Spare parts
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We offer a wide range of Billiard Pool Tables, including American Pool and English Pool configurations. Manufactured in Great Britain from hand selected solid woods, some of our tables have over 1,000 different colour, finish and cloth variations.

Contact us for advise on configuration of your billiard pool table that exactly suits your interior design. This pool table range contains 6ft and 7ft models, meaning that whatever size your room, we will have a pool table to suit.

High quality UK 8 Ball billiard tables for beginners & professionals

Do you know UK 8 Ball Billiards? Also called Blackball or "Reds and Yellows"? No? - Then it's time to say goodbye to the idea that there is only American pool billiards, as countless Hollywood films suggest. The tables in this category are specially designed for UK 8 ball billiards, manufactured and distributed by well-known brands on the island: Prince, Riley UK and Winner. One of the main differences is immediately obvious: the pool tables are more compact than for American Pool, either 6 or 7 feet across the long side. The second size is intended for competitions. Then you will also notice the differences in the balls. The British UK 8 Ball balls are slightly smaller and consist of two sets of seven red and seven yellow balls, with one black ball added. When the game starts, they are draped on the table in a triangular frame similar to the one you might know from American Pool.

A UK 8 Ball billiard table should be an absolute original

UK 8 Ball is an older form of billiards, from the beginning of the 20th century, from which American Pool Billiards split off and developed differently. Notwithstanding this, UK 8 Ball continues to be cherished and played in the UK, the Commonwealth and among enthusiasts on the continent and around the world. English billiards is quieter and more strategic, running over cushioning wool cloth, compared to fast action billiards on nylon cloth. Its balls are slightly smaller at 2 inches than their American counterparts of 2 1/4 inches, and so are the holes into which they are played. Even the cues have different sized tips. The transitions from the rail to the holes are rounded curves on an English table, and straight angles on a US table, which has a different effect when played. This means that you cannot swap the material at will and play UK 8 Ball on one table and American Pool on the other. In addition, UK 8 Ball has its own set of rules, or even two, if you compare those of the World Pool-Billiard Association WPA with those of the World Eightball Pool Federation WEPF. Anyway, here you will find what you need to play English pool on UK 8 Ball billiard tables from Prince, Riley UK or Winner, including all accessories and spare parts.

Prince Billiard tables

You can order a UK 8 Ball table from Prince in 6 ft (182 cm) or in the tournament size 7 ft (213 cm). Manufactured in the UK, solid woods are used to ensure a quality appearance for many years to come. Prince UK 8 Ball tables can be highly customized from the factory, with over a thousand configuration options in colour, fabric and finish processing. Here in the shop you will find the most popular of these, walnut finish (strictly speaking this is walnut) and oak finish, on a slate top as the playing surface base. For the cloth colours above, choose either green, blue, red, burgundy, black, grey or purple. The tables have an internal ball-feed system for removal after pocketing, on the narrow side. Accessories included.

Billiard tables from Riley UK

With the first glance, it is noticeable that Riley UK favours a rather classic table design with turned legs, stylistically not very far away from historical Dining Tables. This includes the omission of a mechanism installed in the lower table to forward the balls to a removal tray. So you will find nets under the openings into which the balls have to fall. Ex works, there is also an exhaustive configuration choice for Riley UK. For the Swiss market, you'll see model-dependent 7 ft (213 cm) variants in Standard Black, Mahogony, Solid Oak, Walnut and Limed Oak finishes. With an included top plate to lay over them, Aristocrat, Renaissance and Traditional models of Riley UK that have the term "diner" in their name are actually converted into a dining table. The accessories for the game are of course included.

A UK 8 ball billiard table from Winner

From Winner there is again a choice of 6 ft and 7 ft billiard tables. All of them have the roller conveyor mechanism in the base to forward pocketed balls to a central removal point on the narrow side of the table. You can also purchase a table from Winner that has a coin-operated mechanism for releasing an assortment of balls, allowing it to be set up in an arcade and produce income there. The other tables also have the ball guides in the body, but no coin station for the activation. In terms of table colours, Winner is particularly rich, not only in terms of wood veneers, but among which idiosyncratic aluminium, copper metallic or marble finishes are offered. Cloth colours that can be stretched over the slate top are green, blue, red, burgundy, black, grey or violet - to be specified separately by message when ordering. The playing accessories are included with the table.

Do you need a pool table trolley to go with the UK 8 Ball table?

UK 8 Ball tables are not only heavy, but bulky. If you find yourself in the embarrassment of having to move them, you want to handle them gently, like raw eggs, to avoid damage. That's what a pool table trolley is for. With its integrated hydraulic lifting mechanism, it lifts billiard tables of all brands and both sizes and allows them to be moved on its castors. Its height is designed for usual billiard table dimensions, but the lift makes it quite adaptable at the same time. A useful accessory, especially if you run a club that has several tables set up.

When something needs to be replaced...

It is reassuring to know that you will find spare parts here should a defect ever occur on your beloved UK 8 Ball pool table and a part needs to be removed and replaced. These are not just any makeshift parts, but actually original parts from the respective manufacturers Prince, Riley UK or Winner. A table repaired with these parts does not lose its originality.

If you have any questions about the UK 8 Ball billiard tables, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.