Cue Care, Repair & Spare Parts

Cue Care, Repair & Spare Parts

Everything about cue care, repair & spare parts

A billiard cue is a very valuable and expensive item. Therefore, it is all the more important to properly care for and repair your cue so that it lasts a lifetime. If a part of the cue is damaged or no longer works, you can fall back on spare parts. For optimal enjoyment of the game, the right accessories and proper care are essential. The billiard cue is the most important tool in the game. Choosing the right cue and the accompanying cue care are therefore crucial for your next professional game. For your billiard cue to have a long life, it needs to be cleaned with the right care utensils and a cue spare available when needed. With the right care, your pool cue will give you many years of enjoyment.

Leather & Ferrule

The leather at the tip of the cue is particularly important as this piece gets the most wear and tear. To keep the leather in good condition, you should regularly wipe it with a leather cloth and rub it with a suitable leather care product. The ferrule, the metal ring at the tip of the cue, should also be regularly maintained and replaced.

The cue spare part most likely to show wear is the leather at the tip. There are different cue spare parts for your leather from 8 millimetres to 14 millimetres. Ferrule spare parts are also available in various designs. Black fibre, plastic rings and packs with different sizes are sometimes popular products. With an appropriate assembly machine, nothing stands in the way of correct application. It is essential to maintain and take care of these pieces regularly. Only if you have good accessories and new leathers and ferrule, you can win the game in the end.

Leather change & treatment

The leather coating of a billiard cue must be renewed regularly so that it retains its grip and does not become porous. The leather surface can also be cleaned with a special leather cleaner. For cue repair and to change the leather, it must first be removed. This is usually done by unscrewing the cue and carefully removing the leather. Then the new leather is glued on and the cue is reassembled. There are also some billiard cues that are coated with a synthetic leather. These cues do not need to be renewed as often, but they can lose their shine over time.

To keep your best product for many years, you can use different products for the treatment. These include a boxwood tip clamp or the Tipping Super Glue Gel for sticking. The cue care set and special diameters as well as a sandpaper ensure an optimal condition of the cue. The optimal care of the leather is crucial for a long-term successful game. Regular control and maintenance should therefore be observed. You can easily apply the leather to the surface with an appropriate machine. This makes your work easier and is available directly in the online shop.

Polishing agent and wax: To make your product really shine, you need a suitable polishing agent or wax. When buying, make sure that it is a product that has been specially developed for billiard cues. You will find a good selection in the online shop and can thus optimally care for the cue. To protect your cue from scratches and other damage, you should regularly rub it with wax. When you buy it, it must be a wax that has been specially developed for cues. This ensures a smooth and supple surface.

Cue care accessories

Even with a high-quality cue, parts have to be replaced or renewed once in a while. After many years of use, parts break or you wish to have extended accessories to be able to hold the game even more professionally. For this purpose, there are different articles for the care of your billiard cue. The care and the appropriate accessories of a cue are very important so that it lasts for a long time. The cue is cleaned with a soft cloth or brush after every game. If it is very dirty and can no longer be cleaned sufficiently, appropriate cue spare parts should be purchased. There are a number of accessories that you will need to care for your pool cue. These include:

Brushes: you can use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from your cue. Make sure that the brush is not too hard, otherwise it can damage the surface of the cue. Soft bristles ensure a pleasant and gentle treatment. This will keep your cue in good condition for a long time.

Weights: Shock absorber weights, a nylon shaft protector and distance weights ensure a flawless and professional game and are thus an important and popular accessory among players. They help you balance or protect the stick.

Cloths: To wipe your cue after polishing, you need clean cloths. The cloths should not leave any residue. Microfibre cloths are best for this. They absorb the dust and do not leave any scratches on the stick. In our shop you can find special microfibre cue towels or you can use a traditional cue towel.

If you have any questions about billiard cue care, repair or spare parts, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.