Billiard table care

Table Care

Professional billiard table care

Even with all due care and attention, even the best billiard table can get dirty. The "worst case" is of course drink or grease stains on the cloth. But normal dust and chalk residues can also damage the billiard table over time. But with the right billiard table care, your billiard table can still shine in all its glory even after a long time.

Billiard table care for light pollution

Normally, removing minor dirt such as dust or chalk residues from the billiard table is child's play. A special billiard table brush is best suited to care for the playing cloth as gently as possible and to maintain the playing characteristics of the table without putting too much strain on the cloth.

When cleaning the felt with a brush, proceed as follows:
  • First remove dust, lime residue, chalk or other crumbs from the side edges.
  • Then start with the actual playing surface. Start in the centre of the table and brush the dirt along the shortest route to the nearest hole.
  • Then clean the pockets with a hoover and a damp cloth.
In general, make sure to brush with as straight strokes as possible. Avoid circular movements. These can roughen the play cloth and the balls can then no longer be played as beautifully. The flow of play is hindered and the overall playing experience is impaired.

Cleaning holes and balls

Make sure to remove the dust and dirt from the pockets after the billiard table maintenance. Otherwise, the balls will pick up the particles again and spread them right back on the table the next time you play. Most commercially available hoovers come with a thin attachment for cleaning crevices or baseboards anyway - this attachment is also perfect for the holes of the billiard table. Afterwards, wipe again with a damp cloth - this way, any remaining dirt is really history.

The balls should also be cleaned at regular intervals. Use a little hot water and a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. This will keep the balls shiny for a long time and will further reduce dust and chalk residues on the play cloth.

Removing coarse dirt

Of course, it is best not to eat or drink near the billiard table. But for many people, a glass of wine or a cold beer is simply part of the playing experience. Liquids and grease stains on the felt are the worst case for billiard table owners.

Be sure to pick up any spilled liquid immediately and prevent the moisture from soaking deep into the playing cloth - and possibly even into the wood. This can even cause the entire tabletop of inexpensive models to warp, making the table virtually unusable after such an accident.

Use warm water and an absorbent cloth to clean the fresh stain. Do not use soap or other cleaning agents - this can leave stains in the play cloth. You should also avoid pressure and friction - please do not rub the spot with a cloth, but keep taking up water and dabbing the spot with the cloth. Friction can deform the damp felt. This not only affects the appearance, but also destroys the flow of play.

Avoid pollution

You need to invest the least time in billiard table maintenance if you protect the table as well as possible from dirt. As already mentioned, you should neither eat nor drink in the immediate vicinity of the table. To avoid chalk residues on the felt, it is best to chalk cues next to the table - not directly above the cloth. If you do not use the table for a longer period of time, you should at least cover the playing field. This provides reliable protection against dust.

Billiards table care for professionals

To ensure a good flow of play, you should use one of our professional brushes for billiard tables before the game - if the table is used a lot, for example in salons, use it daily if possible.

The special shape with the raised bristles at the ends and the lower bristles in the middle enables thorough cleaning.
The table brushes have a high-quality wooden handle that fits comfortably in the hand. The bristles are made of nylon on all models. This protects the playing cloth and at the same time ensures good cleaning when caring for the billiard table.

The table brushes are suitable for billiard, pool and snooker tables.

Maintaining snooker tables properly

There are snooker cushion brushes especially for snooker tables. With these brushes, you ensure an optimal cleaning experience on the boards and thus enable a beautiful flow of play and precise strokes.
The snooker squeegee lays the fibres of the playing cloth evenly in one direction. When using it, make sure to use the squeegee only in the running direction of the playing cloth (from yellow to black). Compare the result: After using a billiard table brush, the use of a squeegee provides a much smoother result. This is not only more visually appealing, but also ensures that the playing characteristics of the table are ideally displayed. The squeegees are made of lacquered wood. The soft cover ensures that all the fibres of the play cloth are really evenly aligned. But squeegees do not only care for the cloth, they also prolong the life of your cloth and improve the playing characteristics of your table.

If you have any questions about the use or care of your pool table, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.