Wooden billiard triangles / Billiard triangles wood

Wooden Triangles
Mahogany Economy 15 Ball Triangle Full Size Snooker Triangle 52.5mm
20,50 CHF
Oak 15 Ball Triangle Full Size Snooker Triangle 52.5mm
53,00 CHF
Oak 15 Ball Triangle 51mm
53,00 CHF
Oak 10 Ball Triangle 51mm
53,00 CHF
Mahogany 15 Ball Triangle American Pool Size 57mm
53,00 CHF
Mahogany 15 Ball Full Size Snooker Triangle 52.5mm
53,00 CHF
Mahogany 15 Ball Triangle 51mm
49,00 CHF
Mahogany 10 Ball Triangle 51mm
49,00 CHF
1 to 8 (from a total of 8)

Large selection of billiard triangle wood

The billiard triangle - also called billiard triangle - is an indispensable billiard accessory that belongs to every billiard table and serves as a setup aid so that you can place the billiard balls correctly on the billiard table before the game. The size of the wooden billiard triangle depends on the size of the billiard balls used.

These billiard triangles wood are made of high quality oak or mahogany wood and offer space for either 10 or 15 billiard balls.

Advantages of wooden billiard triangles

Billiard triangles, also known as set-up aids or simply "triangles", are essential for setting up the billiard balls correctly before the game begins. They are made from various materials, with wood and plastic being the most common. Each material has its own advantages. The advantages of wooden billiard triangles compared to plastic ones include

  • Aesthetics and tradition: wood has a natural, warm appearance and often blends in better with traditional or classy game room designs. It conveys a classic feel that many billiard players appreciate.
  • Durability: High-quality wooden triangles can be very durable if cared for carefully. Wood is robust and can withstand regular use well, especially if it is made of hardwood. Scratches or wear and tear are less noticeable on wood than on plastic.
  • Better stability and precision: Wood can provide a more even and stable support surface, resulting in more precise setups. The weight of the wood can help keep the balls closer together before the game begins.
  • Environmentally friendly: Wood is a natural material and can be more sustainable than plastic, especially if it comes from responsible sources. It is biodegradable and has a lower environmental impact in production and disposal.
  • Better feel and handling: Some players prefer the feel and touch of wood. It can be perceived as higher quality and more comfortable to handle, which improves the playing experience.
  • Noise dampening: Wood can dampen the noise of placing the balls, which may be favoured in a quiet playing room.

The choice of material depends on personal preference and the specific area of use. Plastic triangles also have their advantages, such as lower costs and easy cleaning. Ultimately, the decision between wood and plastic depends on the individual priorities of the player or the venue.

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