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Accessories for billiards & snooker

Even if the exact origins of the game of billiards can no longer be clearly traced, the game with cue and balls has certainly been played regularly for over 500 years. Billiard enjoys constant popularity in the most diverse variations and can inspire a constant audience in the private sphere, in restaurants, but also in clubs or at tournaments and championships. Since regular maintenance and wear and tear also play a role, owners of a table need appropriate materials and spare parts. For billiard room equipment, you will find all the necessary items from the right table to lighting, counting boards or cue holders. All the necessary utensils for care and maintenance such as covers or ball catchers and cue hooks can also be found in the range. Furthermore, common consumables such as billiard chalk, utensils for cue maintenance such as shapers or billiard cloths for re-stringing the tables are offered.

Other games, rule books & printing

If you have questions about the rules of the different variants such as snooker or English billiards, a look at the printed and suitably bound billiard rule books or a check with the help of the decorative version as a wall mural will help. In addition, the billiard room décor can be further refined with various art prints. Other game variations such as table bowls, which is mainly popular in the north of England, can still provide new impressions and a whole new challenge even for long-time players. Discover our selection of other games, publications and prints.

Billiard room equipment

For the furnishing of your own billiard room, you will find all the necessary furnishing and care utensils. Starting with the protection of the table with cover tarpaulins in suitable sizes or the stylish lighting in the form of pendant lights. Furthermore, an extensive assortment of wall holders, stands and corresponding cues is offered in order to be able to offer guest players and large groups an appropriate selection. A beautifully designed scoreboard completes the billiard room equipment and combines function and visual appeal for both private and social play.


Billiard triangles enable the precise positioning of the cue balls for the different variants from 9-ball to snooker. Since the size of the balls varies, it is necessary to have the right billiard triangles for different forms of the game. These can either be made of plastic or high-quality wood and can be combined to match the table or the billiard room equipment.


Billiard gloves offer an ideal combination of protection, control and functionality when playing billiards. As the last two fingers of the hand are left free, sufficient air can get inside and at the same time the required stability is created during the shot. At the same time, the billiard gloves prevent disproportionate strain on the playing cloth and the skin and allow the cue to glide smoothly at all times. Especially during long training sessions or tournaments, this prevents unsightly pressure marks or blisters from forming. The billiard gloves are available in different sizes for the left and right hand.

Chalk & chalk holder

In order to be able to regularly apply billiard chalk to the tip of the billiard cue, you will find an extensive range of different variants in terms of colour and manufacturer. By applying this, the static friction is greatly improved and especially the game with spin is easier. For the constant availability of the billiard chalk, we also offer chalk holders for attachment to the belt or directly to the billiard table with the help of a cord or a magnetic holder. We also offer cost-effective bulk packs for regular play or practice. Discover our range of chalk and chalk holders now.


The billiard balls required for the various forms of play can be purchased from us in various sets or as individual balls. This allows you to replace missing balls easily and inexpensively, or to extend the range of use of an existing table by purchasing an additional set. In addition, you will find suitable products for care and storage such as cleaning fluid, trays or even stylish cases for easy transport. For effective training or practising trick shots, we also offer billiard balls with weights or coloured markings to enable accurate shots.

Cue care, repair & spare parts

For the effective cleaning and maintenance of billiard cues, we offer billiard chalk as well as billiard cloths to clean the cue from dust or sweat. Should a cue need repair or maintenance, you will also find all the necessary accessories from end caps made of various materials to matching leather, high-quality glue and appropriate shaping tools. You can also find ferrule and fitting machines in our assortment. Browse through our selection of cue care, repair and spare parts and find what you need.

Snooker & billiard cloths

As every table reaches the point of needing a new cover due to use, you can also purchase high-quality snooker cloths and billiard cloths from us. You can choose from different colours according to your individual taste. In addition, depending on the desired game, a specific selection of the cloth is possible, in order to obtain the right cloth for the precise running of the balls in relation to the running speed. Especially with snooker cloths, this can contribute decisively to the course of the game due to the larger table surface.

Table care

For a long usability and an unimpaired game, it is important to maintain the cloth of the table regularly and to clean it from impurities. With the right table care and appropriate brushes and squeegees, the life of the cloth can even be extended without unnecessary strain. In addition, the playing characteristics of the billiard cloths are kept at a constant level and thus do not uncontrollably impair the playing results. Due to the special shape of the brushes, you can also reach small corners, such as under the boards or in the area of the holes. Additional brushes especially for the care of the boards allow a comprehensive and gentle cleaning of the boards.

If you have any questions about billiard accessories or snooker accessories, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.