Aramith Trick Balls

Aramith Trick Balls
Aramith Weighted Trick Ball Black 52.5mm
27,50 CHF
Aramith Weighted Trick Ball White 52.5mm
27,50 CHF
Aramith Weighted Trick Ball White 51mm
27,50 CHF
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Learn billiard tricks with trick balls

Aramith trick balls are special billiard balls that are used for trick shots and artistry in the billiard game. These special balls have a special weight and have a special surface coating that makes it possible to use them particularly precisely and effectively.

Trick shots, also called artistry shots, are special shots that are usually not part of the regular billiards game. They often require a high degree of skill and precision to execute successfully. Examples of such trick shots include pocketing several balls at once, pocketing a ball in a hole that is difficult to reach, or pocketing a ball using reflections from walls or other objects.

Trick shots occur naturally through the creativity and experimentation of the players. As snooker is a game about getting the ball into pockets, players over time have tried to find new and innovative ways to do this.

Some of the earliest trick shots in snooker probably came about out of necessity, as in certain situations it can be difficult to get a ball straight into a pocket. Players began hitting the ball with different rotations and speeds to get it into hard to reach pockets or to get around obstacles.

Over time, more and more trick shots evolved and more complex techniques were invented. Some of today's trick shots are the result of years of training and experimentation. Today, there are many professional players who use trickshots as part of their game and there are also competitions and shows where trickshots are performed.

There are countless trickshots in snooker as they can be invented and developed by the players. Some famous trickshots are:

  • The Massé shot - a shot where the player hits the ball with some rotation to send it into a distant pocket.

  • The Screw shot - a shot where the player hits the ball with a certain rotation to deliver it into a pocket that is behind another ball.

  • The Jump shot - a shot where the player hits the ball with so much force that it "jumps" over another ball and is carried into the pocket.

  • The Spin shot - a shot where the player hits the ball in such a way that it rotates quickly and thus has an unexpected direction of movement.

There are many more trick shots and it is very likely that new trick shots will always emerge as players continue to find new ways to control and place the ball.

The use of Aramith Trick balls facilitates the execution of these trick shots as they have a special weight and surface coating. This enables the player to use the balls particularly precisely and effectively to achieve the desired results.

Aramith trick balls are usually made of high-quality phenolic resin, which is known for its durability and longevity. They also have a special surface coating that allows them to roll particularly smoothly and evenly. This allows the player to play the balls with high precision and control to achieve the desired results.

Another advantage of Aramith Trick balls is that they are available in different sizes and weights, which allows the player to adapt the balls to their individual needs. This can be particularly useful when it comes to performing certain trick shots that have specific requirements for the weight and size of the balls.

Overall, Aramith Trick balls are an important part of the sport of billiards as they allow the player to perform special trick shots and artistry.

If you have any questions about Aramith Trick balls, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.