Table & Table Fitter Parts Accessories

Table & Table Fitter Parts Accessories

Spare parts and accessories for tables & table fitter

Both beginners and professional players enjoy having their own billiard table. However, after a certain amount of time, intensive use causes signs of wear and tear that can impair the enjoyment of the game. For example, the playing cloth is worn, the rubber on the boards is hard and brittle or the nets are worn out. To avoid having to buy a new table, we have various pool table spare parts in our range that make the table look like new. For more comfortable use and for upgrading, you will also find selected billiard table accessories in our online shop.

Bar billiards accessories

For enthusiastic bar billiards players, also known as Russian bar billiards, which is a popular bar game in Great Britain, you will find various bar billiards accessories such as rings for the recesses in the billiard table. To indicate the respective value of the holes, there is a set of 20 numbers. To complete the necessary accessories, a wooden mushroom set is also available.

If there are no holes in your table for this type of game, you should ask a table fitter whether it is possible to convert it accordingly.

Table hooks for auxiliary cues

To prevent your auxiliary cues from lying around in the room, our billiard table accessories offer a wide range of different table hooks for auxiliary cues, optionally in brass, chrome or black chrome, and brackets for them, which are mounted under the table.

The brass pictures show the models available: top left are hooks which are fixed in the holes on the underframe of the table. Bottom left are adjustable ones that are mounted on all four sides of the base. For mounting directly under the head and foot bands, the suspension at the top right is suitable. Below right are hooks for installation under the frame of the oblong table sides, suitable for long auxiliary cues and normal billiard cues.

Pocket plates

For the choice of the pocket plates, we have various models in our online shop, which give your billiard table that certain something. If a replacement is desired or necessary, you will find brass fittings in various sizes and designs to suit your personal taste.

Snooker rails & spare parts

If you want to upgrade your snooker table, you can equip it with ball catchers or replace them. You can get them from us in sets of six for billiard balls up to a size of 52.5 mm in brass, chrome and black chrome. The screws and nuts for the assembly can also be found in our online shop in the snooker rails & spare parts section. You will also find spare parts such as pocket net wire, leather support strap and replacement plates in case they are worn out.

Pocket leathers

If your pocket leathers have become porous or unsightly over time, you will find suitable billiard table spare parts in our shop. The assortment ranges from narrow to wide to extra wide pre-formed pockets made of genuine leather. They are available in sets of six.

Pocket nets and lace

With intensive use, the net of the pockets can break down over time. In order not to have to miss out on a game of billiards, we offer them in different sizes for various ball sizes. In addition to the simple net bags, we also have cotton bag nets with integrated artificial leather and ring nets in various colours. To sew the pocket nets to the pocket leather, you can get the necessary string and needle in our online shop in the pocket nets and lace section.

Table maintenance parts

After a certain period of use, it may become necessary to have your own billiard and snooker table serviced by a billiard table fitter. If the table cloth is renewed, various additional works are necessary. This includes, for example, the drawing of the so-called baulk line and the corresponding semicircle. In order to carry out this work professionally, we have Baulkline edges for the different table sizes, a D compass and marking pens in various colours available. In order to prevent excessive wear of the playing cloth, fine dots, so-called spots, can be glued onto the touchdown marks of the billiard balls. These are self-adhesive and can be found in various designs in our online shop in the table maintenance parts section.

Have repairs and maintenance work carried out by a professional

In order to enjoy your billiard or snooker table for as long as possible, we recommend that you have it assembled and dismantled by a billiard table fitter. In this way, even the smallest mistakes can be avoided, which could have a lasting effect on your playing enjoyment. While various small repairs can be carried out by yourself under certain circumstances, more complex work should only be carried out by a billiard table fitter. They have many years of experience and know tricks that make even difficult tasks easier. If you need a billiard table fitter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The right billiard table

If a maintenance does not provide a perfect playing pleasure or the repair is no longer possible, you can of course also get new tables in our online shop.

With the pool billiard tables, which are available in more than 1000 different variations in terms of fabric, colour, surface and material, you will also find models for outdoor use or for use as a dining table.

For lovers of the billiard variants "Russian Pyramid" and "UK 8 Ball", we have various models that you can select according to your personal requirements. The former are only made when you place your order in order to meet the high-quality standards. For the latter, you have the choice between different woods, lacquers and colours.

According to your expectations, you will also find snooker tables in different sizes and designs in our online shop.

Depending on your personal taste and the given room size, the dream of your own gaming table can be fulfilled in your home. Feel free to contact our customer service for questions regarding size, ordering, delivery or assembly. This guarantees a customized solution for you.

If you have any questions about spare parts and accessories for billiard tables and the table fitter, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.