Snooker Cue Cases

Snooker Cue Cases

High Quality Snooker Cue Cases & Bags

Snooker players know how important precision is in their sport. Besides a steady hand, the snooker cue is the most essential tool. Therefore, a safe storage, for example, a snooker cue case, quiver or bag is existential to avoid damage.

Protect your cue during transport

No matter if you are a beginner, an advanced player or even a professional - sometimes you have to move your beloved snooker cue from its original place to a snooker table in a billiard hall or similar.

However, due to their high-quality and elaborate manufacture and the materials used, the cues are susceptible to external influences, for example temperature fluctuations, moisture, shocks and impacts. These have a negative effect on the playing characteristics and, in the worst case, decide between victory and defeat. Therefore, we advise you to transport your snooker cue with a snooker bag, a snooker quiver or case.

Snooker Cue Bag

A basic protection for your snooker cue, offer these transport bags. They are usually made of leather, imitation leather, nylon or velour and lined inside, depending on the model and price range.

A snooker bag has the advantages that they are light, flexible, inexpensive and have a shoulder strap for comfortable transport.

The disadvantages are that, depending on the size and design, they do not offer enough space to hold several cues or tops, and there is also insufficient protection against external influences. Storage space for accessories is rarely available.

If you decide to buy a snooker cue bag, we recommend a model that has an adjustable strap and a continuous zipper. This ensures a comfortable transport and your snooker cue can be easily packed or removed. To prevent the individual cue parts from bumping against each other, there should be separate chambers on the inside. To ensure that you always have billiard chalk and other necessary accessories at hand, it is advisable to choose a model with side pockets.

Snooker cue quiver

This transport option consists of a more stable construction than the snooker bags and are usually made of leather or imitation leather. Furthermore, there are also models made of nylon and vinyl.

An advantage of the snooker quiver is the good price-performance ratio, as they are somewhat more expensive than the bags, but offer better protection against blows and impacts. The shoulder strap ensures comfortable transport from A to B and offers space for several cues or tops. Necessary accessories in the form of billiard chalk and the like can be stored in the additional side pockets of many snooker quivers.

The disadvantage is the weight, because a snooker cue quiver is heavier due to its material and the higher capacity for snooker cues.

If you play tournaments often and have more than one cue, but do not want to use a snooker case for various reasons, we recommend this form of transport.

Snooker Cue Case

Optimum protection against shocks, blows, moisture and temperature fluctuations is provided by these extremely stable snooker cue cases. Depending on the model and price segment, they are made of hard cardboard, leather, imitation leather or aluminium and offer an extremely noble look with an inner lining of velvet-like fabric.

Numerous advantages of the snooker cases are, among other things, the large space that offers room for several cues or tops, storage space for various accessories and the possibility to secure the box with a lock. Some models are also suitable for air transport.

The disadvantage of a snooker cue case is the price segment in which they are found and the greater weight, which results from the material and the snooker cues contained in it. It is also bulkier than a bag or quiver. As there is no integrated shoulder strap, it is not as convenient to carry, for example on a bicycle.

If you are a snooker player who owns one or more high quality cues and often travels with them, or if you simply value absolutely safe transport, it is advisable to choose a snooker case.

The right transport option for every snooker cue

In our assortment we have snooker cases, quivers and bags for one-piece, two-piece and ¾-connected cues in different price segments and different designs. So you are sure to find the right model for your individual needs.

We offer snooker cue cases, bags and cases from the traditional companies BCE / Riley and Peradon, each of which has been active in professional billiards for more than 100 years.

You are still unsure which transport option is the best for you, or would like to know more about the individual models? Then contact us and let our competent staff advise you.

Order snooker cues at the same time

Of course, you can also get your new snooker cue and various accessories from us.

To match your newly purchased snooker bag, your new quiver or case, we also stock high-quality one-piece, two-piece, three-piece and ¾-connected snooker cues and extensions.

Well-known manufacturers include Peradon and BCE / Riley, who have focused on producing excellent quality billiard and snooker cues and other billiard accessories for over 100 years.

Our customer service

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