Cue Extensions

Cue Extensions
"BCE/RILEY - Accessories - Diverse - BCE BLACK 9"" SMART EXTENDER "
MSRP 42,50 CHF
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"BCE/RILEY - Accessories - Diverse - RILEY BLACK 9"" SMART EXTENDER"
MSRP 42,50 CHF
your price 42,16 CHF
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High quality cue extensions for snooker cues

For the billiard variant Snooker you need of course an appropriate Snooker cue, because other billiard cues are not suitable, not least because of the size of a Snooker table. Because of this, there are several variations in how many parts the cue is divided into. In addition, there are different length divisions, depending on individual needs. If the snooker cues are too short for awkwardly placed balls, there are extensions that can be screwed onto your own billiard cue.

Cue extensions

Depending on the position of the balls, it can be advantageous to extend your snooker cue. For this purpose, we offer different lengths made of different materials, so that they fit perfectly to your existing billiard cue, also in terms of colour. In our range we have short, medium and long extension pieces that you can screw on and off according to your needs. If you prefer a single extension, we have telescopic extensions on offer for certain cue models, which can be adjusted in length with just a few hand movements if required.

One-piece cues

If you prefer to play billiards at home, a snooker cue without divisions is the optimal solution. Otherwise, transport can be quite uncomfortable, as a snooker cue is about 147 cm long and is difficult to take along without possible restrictions and damage, for example, in a crowded bus or train. Depending on the quality of the individual billiard cue, some snooker players fear that splitting will create weak points that will have serious effects on the game. If you only use your cue in one place, we recommend this cue variant.

2-piece cues

With this variant, snooker cues are split in the middle. This makes transport easier, as both have the same length. The end of the cue usually has a thread to which an extension can be screwed if a greater distance has to be bridged. The disadvantage of these cues can be the front weight. In addition, some snooker players find it annoying if they touch their chin with the metal of the screw when hitting the cue.

3-section cues

These billiard cues are snooker cues that can be divided in the middle as well as in the grip area. The part that can be screwed on at the end of the cue serves as an extension in case the first two parts are not sufficient for a shot. This eliminates the need to buy them individually, and all the divisions are coordinated with each other.

3/4-connected cues

This is the standard division that became popular at the beginning of the new millennium and is known as "butt joined". In this case, your snooker cue can be transported comfortably. Since the division is in the rear quarter, the front load, which is present with the half-divided cues, is eliminated. Disturbances, which are perceived at the chin during the stroke, because the thread is touched, are also eliminated. Instead of an extension, only the grip pieces are changed accordingly on these snooker cues.

For safe transport

To ensure that your valuable snooker cue retains its optimum properties for a long time, you should purchase an appropriate case or bag. Depending on the division, we offer different designs of billiard cases and billiard bags for different needs in our online shop. These range from pockets to shockproof cases in which your billiard cue lies softly embedded. In addition, there are different materials and designs.

Everything for care, repair and spare parts

Even the highest quality cues can show signs of wear after extensive use. This is especially true for the leather and the ferrule. To save you from having to change your beloved and proven billiard cue, we have various spare parts, repair accessories and care products in our range. These range from various leathers with different colours and sizes to the required glue, an assembly machine for the ferrule and a cover for the extension lock to microfibre cloths for cleaning and care.

Auxiliary cues and attachments

Depending on the size and stature of a snooker player, it sometimes happens that an extension is not sufficient to make an accurate shot. Auxiliary cues, which we also have in our range as telescopic auxiliary cues, are suitable for this. These can be placed on the playing surface to hit the ball unerringly. You can find different lengths of auxiliary cues and attachments for the tip in our online shop.

Safe storage

Even in your own four walls, the tried and tested snooker cues should be well protected and not run the risk of being knocked over or falling down due to quick or careless movements. If you want to design your billiard room accordingly, we offer different cue holders in our assortment, which are mounted on the wall or as an alternative cue stands, which stand on the floor. Different models of the stands can safely store between six and eighteen snooker cues. The wall holders are designed for a maximum of six cues and consist of two parts, one mounted on the top and the other on the bottom. Should the holder break, we offer various spare parts.

For guest players in your own billiard room

Playing alone is less fun than playing in pairs. In order to be prepared for guest players who have forgotten their own cue or do not have one, you will find affordable billiard cues in various lengths that you can hand out to your guests without hesitation. The quality corresponds to those used in gambling halls.

We are happy to advise you

Of course, we are at your disposal for questions and further information. We will give you tips on choosing the right snooker cue and accessories for you. Simply get in touch with us so that you can soon hold your dream cue in your own hands. We are looking forward to meeting you.