Snooker cue cases for 2-piece cues

For 2-Piece Cue
Riley Attache Style Case for 2 piece Cue
BCE/RILEY - Cases - Snooker/Pool - Riley Attache Style Case for 2 piece Cue
MSRP 32,50 CHF
your price 31,35 CHF
BCE Hard case for 2 piece cue and smart extender
BCE/RILEY - Cases - Snooker/Pool - BCE Hard case for 2 piece cue and smart extender
63,78 CHF
BCE Sports Hard case for 2 piece and extension
BCE/RILEY - Cases - Snooker/Pool - BCE Sports Hard case for 2 piece and extension
MSRP 49,00 CHF
your price 48,65 CHF
63,78 CHF
Heritage Case for 2 piece cue
BCE/RILEY - Cases - Snooker/Pool - Heritage Case for 2 piece cue
MSRP 96,50 CHF
your price 96,21 CHF
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Snooker cue cases & bags for 2 piece cues

For billiard players a snooker case is of significant importance. Instead of a snooker case, a snooker bag, snooker quiver or snooker cue bag can also be used. Although the names are different, a snooker cue quiver or snooker cue case provides secure protection for accessories and 2-piece cues when they are being transported.

What materials are snooker cue cases made of?

Snooker cue cases are available in different sizes, colours and materials. They are stable and of the shape and size exactly tailored to the desired use. A high quality snooker cue bag / case can be made of:

  • Designer textiles
  • Leather
  • Aluminium
  • Materials in leather look

What are the advantages of the different materials for snooker quivers?

If you are an experienced billiard player or a beginner and want to visit a billiard hall or a friend's snooker table with your snooker cue, you must be able to transport your valuable snooker cue (see also category 2-piece snooker cues) safely. Snooker cues are made of high-quality materials and must therefore be well protected during transport. A high quality snooker bag made of leather, imitation leather or textiles is made in such a way that it protects the cue safely from external influences. Impacts and shocks, but also moisture and temperature fluctuations, can cause damage to the cue, which can negatively affect the playing characteristics of the cue. It is therefore always advisable that you purchase a high-quality snooker cue bag or a snooker cue quiver for the transport of your snooker cue.

Which functions can a high-quality snooker bag offer?

No matter whether you choose a snooker bag or a snooker quiver, you should make sure that the model you choose exactly meets your personal needs. According to the division of your snooker cue, you can buy a snooker quiver that not only fits exactly in size and division, but is also designed to be shockproof on the outside and softly padded on the inside.

What should I look for when buying a snooker quiver, a snooker cue case or a snooker bag?

Snooker Cue Quiver

Snooker cue quivers are more stable in construction than a snooker cue bag. For the production of snooker cue cases, materials such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Nylon
  • Imitation leather
  • Leather

are used. Snooker cue quivers offer particularly good protection against knocks and blows, but are also somewhat more expensive than snooker bags. Most models are equipped with a shoulder strap, so that they can be easily and comfortably transported. Depending on the size and design, several tops or cues find their safe place, including the necessary accessories, such as billiard chalk. For transporting the accessories, some models are equipped with side pockets that offer sufficient space. Due to the size and the use of high-quality and stable materials, the weight of a snooker cue quiver is higher than the weight of a snooker cue bag. Snooker cue quivers are nevertheless lighter and not as bulky as a snooker case.

Snooker Bags

A snooker cue bag offers good basic protection for your cue and is offered at a lower price than a high quality snooker cue case. A snooker bag is usually made of nylon, imitation leather, suede or leather and is in the best case lined from the inside. Unlined snooker cue bags do not offer the same protection as a lined cue bag. It is practical if a snooker bag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, because you can then carry it more easily and comfortably. A snooker cue bag is usually smaller than a snooker case, so there is not as much storage space for accessories. A high quality snooker bag has a sturdy, full-length zipper and has a separate compartment system on the inside. If you need even more storage space, you should choose a model that is also equipped with side pockets on the outside.

Snooker Cue Case

A snooker cue case not only offers the best protection for your snooker cue from:

  • temperature fluctuations and moisture
  • blows and shocks

they are also particularly stable and spacious. Snooker cases are made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • aluminium
  • leather / imitation leather
  • hard cardboard

The interior of a snooker cue case is softly padded, so that the protection of the cues is extensively guaranteed. Snooker cases are not only particularly safe and look noble, they also offer a lot of storage space and are, depending on the model, lockable. They can be taken on journeys, depending on the model also on the plane. It is easy to understand that a snooker cue case costs more than a snooker bag or a snooker quiver because of its high-quality equipment. Therefore, a high-quality and stable snooker cue case has not only advantages. Because of its size it is heavier and bulkier than a snooker cue quiver or a snooker cue bag. As a snooker case is usually not equipped with a shoulder strap, it cannot be transported as comfortably as the two alternatives. On the other hand, it offers a lot of security for high-quality cues.

Professionals usually own not only a snooker case, but also snooker quivers and bags. They can then always choose the most comfortable transport variant, depending on the occasion and cue.

If you have any questions about snooker cases, quivers and bags for 2-piece cues, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.