Individual Balls

Individual Balls

High-quality billiard single balls for demanding players

In our billiard single balls category, you will find an extensive selection of high-quality single balls for your billiard game.

Regardless of whether you are a long-time professional player or a passionate amateur player, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.

As a passionate billiard player, you certainly know how important it is to have high-quality balls. This is the only way to make precise shots and take your billiard game to the next level. For this very reason, we at Tablesports have put together a carefully selected range of billiard single balls that meet the highest standards.

A common problem that billiard players face is wear and tear on their balls. Over time, balls can develop scratches or bumps, which can have a negative effect on your game. Or a ball has simply gone missing. This is where our high-quality single balls come into play. Made from durable materials and with precise workmanship, they ensure even rolling behaviour and optimum playability.
In our range you will find single balls in various sizes and colours so that you can find exactly the ball that suits your personal playing style. Whether you are looking for a single replacement ball or want to completely re-equip your billiard set, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Tablesports.

Advantages of buying individual billiard balls

Buying individual billiard balls has several advantages, including

  1. Replacement for lost or damaged balls: If one or more balls from your billiard set have been lost or damaged, you can simply replace the missing balls individually instead of having to buy a whole new set.
  2. Personalised selection: You can individually select and assemble your own balls to create your own personalised set. This gives you the opportunity to choose the colours or brands of the balls according to your personal preferences.
  3. Replacement for special balls: Some balls in a billiards set may have a special use or meaning (such as the black 8 ball or the white ball). If one of these balls is lost or damaged, you can replace it individually instead of replacing the entire set.
  4. Budget-friendly: buying individual balls can be cheaper than buying a complete billiard set, especially if you only need to replace one or a few balls.
  5. Flexibility: By buying single balls, you can expand or supplement your existing billiard set by adding extra balls to try out new games or game variations.

Our range of billiard single balls

The billiard single ball range is available in different sizes to suit individual player preferences and requirements. The balls are available individually in the following sizes: 35 mm, 37.5 mm, 41 mm, 44 mm, 47.5 mm, 51 mm, 52.5 mm, 54 mm, 57 mm and 60 mm. Each ball has a smooth surface and is made of high quality material to ensure optimum performance and durability. Players can choose the right size ball depending on their ability and playing style to improve their billiard game and perfect their skills.

Experience the outstanding quality of our billiard balls and take your personal billiard game to a new level. Take advantage of speedy delivery and our excellent customer service by placing your order with Tablesports today.

Discover the exciting universe of billiards at Tablesports and be amazed by our extensive range of high-quality single balls.

If you have any questions about billiard single balls, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.