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The object with the complexly spelled name "cue" is essential in pool. The cue in the sport of pool billiards and snooker was developed several hundred years ago in France for the forerunner of today's table sports. Over time, many cue variants have been developed. Today, American and British designs are particularly popular all over the world. A cue has long since become a status symbol in sports. Up to now, high-quality workmanship made of Nordic or tropical woods has been considered a sign of quality. In the end, a combination of both - design and good handling during the duel - gives a pool player the most pleasure.

BCE UK - Pool Cues

In 2002, the established British company BCE bought up the venerable traditional company Riley Leisure and gave it a new lease of life. Both well-known brands in the field of table sports, however, remained separate. Under the name BCE Table Sports, founded in 1976 as BCE, the company produces high quality cues made of maple wood using the latest production technology. In the snooker category, the manufacturer is known for it's discreet to eye-catching lacquered cues, which bear the names of famous players. In addition, BCE expanded its range to include a product line in the genre of American pool cues. The know-how and the quality assurance leave nothing to be desired for beginners as well as professionals. Solid all-round cues are already affordable for the smaller purse at BCE. At the same time, the company sponsors world champions like Ronnie O'Sullivan and Marc Selby.

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Dufferin - Pool Cues

The Canadian traditional manufacturer with the characteristic lettering as word mark is mainly known in the North American area. The company managed the balancing act and at its economic zenith in the 2000s was equally represented in the low-priced product sector of home cues for private use or leisure facilities as well as in the absolute top segment of pool cues for tournament players, which are produced by hand. Dufferin still offers its well-known playing sticks made of Canadian sycamore maple, which in the case of most product series are treated with a patented temperature-resistant clear varnish. Other distinctive features of the brand are the silver edged white trim rings and the Irish linen type handle strap. The designs, ranging from traditional to modern, offer a diverse product spectrum and so Dufferin can be recognized by the details of the design pattern rather than a continuous corporate design.

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Kruger - Pool Cues

Today, the Kruger brand also belongs to the BCE Tablesports group. As a traditional brand for pool billiard tables in the Victorian style of the 19th century, it is well known to pool lovers. Today, it also offers a comprehensive range in the pool cue category. The product series are named after colours like "Black" and "Blue" and appear in traditional designs. We also offer the "Kruger Platinum Series" set consisting of five high-quality Kruger pool cues. Pool players especially appreciate the proven connection system of the Kruger brand. An American pool cue from Kruger is generally regarded in the scene as durable and as a playing stick with a particularly high-quality threaded connection. Not unimportant in case of frequent transport of the cue.

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Peradon - Pool Cues

The traditional manufacturer Peradon, founded in 1885 by a carpenter in Liverpool, Great Britain, convinces since more than one hundred years with proven product quality, technical innovation and sometimes the most noble workmanship on today's market of the product category pool cue. Peradon lovers know about the careful selection of high quality woods such as North American ash and ebony from West Africa. Even the legendary British snooker player Joe Davis of the 1920s once remarked: "A Peradon cue will make you a better player". Now, a top product from the house of Peradon does not make a beginner into a professional, but the fun of the game is guaranteed in any case. The American Pool cues from the traditional house are mostly named after noble animals and famous American places. Peradon combines a cue manufacturing by self-developed machines of the finest production tolerance with the product finishing by hand, which results in an extraordinary quality assurance.

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Riley UK Pool Cues

Riley England is a traditional company founded in 1897 in Manchester, Great Britain, which exported products in the table sports segment all over the world as a renowned manufacturer as early as the mid-1920s. The best-known product from Riley is probably the globally legendary tournament table "Aristocrat Tournament Champion". Today, the brand operates under the umbrella of the BCE group and continues to confirm its good reputation. In addition to custom-made products such as the "Burwat Black" product series in the snooker segment, the company convinces in the American Pool Billiards segment with product series such as "Riley Centurion". When it comes to the choice of wood for cue manufacturing, Riley England relies primarily on maple.

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If you have any questions about the pool cues, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.