Billiard tables, snooker tables, pool tables & multi games tables

For a consultation or more information on any aspect of our services regarding tables, installation, ordering and shipping please contact Darren Paris on 079 832 8883 (the Official BCE & Riley Distributor for Switzerland) call back service also in operation. A consultation is highly recommended to get the best solution for you (no fee).
Our prices are based on RRP from Riley UK and all extras are included.
Organised  through Riley England we ship and install premium Snooker, Pool and Russian Pyramid tables anywhere in the world.
All costs are inclusive of all import costs, delivery (Switzerland & Lichtenstein), installation, deluxe accessories pack and a full manufacturers warranty.

Riley England offer a wide range of Snooker Tables, including American Pool, English Pool and Table Diner configurations. Manufactured in Great Britain from hand selected solid woods, some of our tables have over 1,000 different colour, finish and cloth variations.

Contact us for advise on configuration of your billiard pool table that exactly suits your interior design. The Riley billiard pool table range contains 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft models, meaning that whatever size your room, we will have a pool table to suit.

High-quality billiard tables for beginners & professionals

Whether you are a professional player or a novice - your own billiard table is something extraordinary. These exquisite tables can be used in private settings as well as in clubs and billiard clubs. There are different billiard tables for the different billiard games. Starting with the Multi-Games table and the pool table to the Russian Pyramid table and UK 8 Ball billiard tables to the snooker table, you will find a large selection with many configuration options.

Flexibility with the Multi Games table

Nowadays, adaptability is the order of the day, even in the area of leisure. Children and young people in particular tend to quickly lose their enthusiasm for something. To prevent this from happening to you, we offer a multi games table. This is a game table that holds ten different games at the same time. Starting with the simple pool billiard table, push hockey and shuffleboard, table football and bowling to the popular board games chess, backgammon and draughts. Even card games are possible on it. The conversion takes only a few moments and is child's play. This guarantees fun for the whole family, including friends.

Our pool tables

With us you will find the right pool table for every taste. They are made of handpicked solid wood, which makes the tables extremely robust. In total, some of these pool tables have more than 1000 different surface, colour and fabric variations, for both the American Pool and English Pool variants. This way, you can put together your personal pool table that perfectly matches your existing interior design. There are different sizes so that every larger room can be equipped with a pool table.

Our range not only includes tables for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. This makes every garden party a success. These tables are made of weatherproof materials so that you can enjoy your billiard table for a long time. As an additional highlight, the table can be covered so that you can use it as a dining table. The matching benches are available with the table.

Russian pyramid tables

From now on, players of this popular billiard variant can also use their own billiard table. Selected noble solid woods are used for the Russian Pyramid tables, which are only made to order. This means that they meet the high quality standards and do not have to lose any of their quality due to long storage. This table not only serves as a high quality piece of sports equipment, but can grace any home as a beautiful heirloom piece.

UK 8 Ball Billiard Tables & Spare Parts

The UK 8 Ball tables are altogether made from the finest hardwoods that have been handpicked. For example, you can choose between oak, limed oak, mahogany and black walnut for the wood types. Then there are the various lacquer finishes. The traditional English roughened pool cloths come in different colours that are sure to match your interior.

To have the possibility to move the pool table, we have a pool table trolley in our assortment. In case, for example, the pockets on the table break, we have placed some spare parts in this section.

Snooker tables

Of course, snooker tables should not be missing in our online shop. So that you can also set up one of these durable tables in your home, it is available in various sizes. The entire table is made of the finest hardwoods, which makes it extremely robust. Depending on the version, the entire construction is made of mahogany. The pockets are made of genuine leather. The snooker tables are available in various colours and designs, from traditional to classic to modern.

Even a billiard table needs care

To make sure that you have something from your table for a long time, we have various care products for the table care of your billiard table. In order to maintain the playing characteristics of the cloth, it is treated with table brushes and napping blocks, for example. This increases the life span of the table. An iron that glides along the cloth is also suitable for snooker tables. This not only increases the service life with regular use, but also improves the characteristics during play. If iron parts break, you can get replacements right away in our online shop.

To protect the cloth and other parts on the surface, you can cover the billiard table with a table cover. Depending on your needs, you can get these in different sizes and thicknesses.

In case of an incident, replacement is easy everything

Should one or the other object on the table wear out or become unsightly after some time, we offer various spare parts and accessories for tables. These include, for example, the pocket plates for the pockets and the pocket nets themselves. Unsightly or broken pocket leather can be replaced with our spare parts. If the table fitter needs various small parts, there are table maintenance parts. Should the replacement of the playing cloth become unavoidable, we offer cloths for both the snooker and pool billiard tables. In each case in different sizes and with the pool billiard additionally in various colours. A snooker rail is also one of the spare parts that you can order from us. In the accessories section, we have the cones for the popular "bar billiards" and table hooks for auxiliary cues to attach the auxiliary cues to the table.

Putting the billiard game in the right light

To really enjoy your billiard table, we recommend one of the typical billiard table lighting fixtures that are also available in the billiard parlour. Here, you can opt for the traditional lamps with several lampshades, which are available in different colours, or a snooker table lamp in an innovative design, which illuminates even large tables ultra-brightly. It is also very energy-efficient and massively reduces the shadows cast by globes or cushions. The suspension set needed for the lamps is of course also available in our shop. The lamps for the billiard tables are each available in different lengths.

Please note that lamps are best installed by a qualified electrician.

If you have any questions about the billiard tables, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.