Ball Accessories

Ball Accessories
Attache Style Snooker Ball Case
109,00 CHF
Ball Position Marker
6,00 CHF
Plastic Ball Tray to hold 22 balls
16,00 CHF
Plastic Ball Tray to hold 16 Balls
11,00 CHF
Aramith Ball Cleaner
17,00 CHF
Aramith Ball Restorer
17,00 CHF
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Accessories for billiard balls, snooker balls, pool balls

Practical and easy-care accessories for your balls

In the world of billiards, it is not only the skill of the player that is decisive, but also the quality and condition of the balls used. To optimize the playing experience and ensure the longevity of the balls, we offer a variety of products in our extensive range of accessories. From snooker ball cases to ball position markers and innovative cleaning products, discover how you can get the best out of your billiards game.

Advantages of accessories for billiard balls, snooker balls & pool balls

Billiard ball accessories, whether for snooker, pool or other variants, offer a variety of benefits that enhance the playing experience and promote the longevity of the equipment. The most important benefits include

  1. Protection and safety
    Snooker ball cases and plastic ball trays provide a safe and secure place to store the balls. These accessories not only protect against damage, but the snooker ball case in particular also protects against dust and other environmental influences that could affect the surface of the balls.
  2. Organization and overview
    The ball position marker and ball tray ensure order and clarity during the game. The ability to mark the exact location of a ball or to sort the balls neatly makes playing more efficient and less error-prone.
  3. Precision in the game
    The precise alignment of the balls with the Aramith ball retriever enables an optimal ball position. This not only improves the accuracy of shots, but also creates a consistent playing experience.
  4. Care and cleaning
    The Aramith ball cleaner helps to clean the surface of the balls and remove dirt. Regular cleaning ensures a smooth surface, which in turn leads to improved ball performance.
  5. Longevity of the balls
    Careful care and storage significantly extends the life of billiard balls. This means that players can enjoy their high-quality balls for longer and have to replace them less frequently.
  6. Aesthetics and presentation
    The Aramith ball conditioner not only contributes to maintenance, but also gives the balls a shiny appearance. This contributes to the aesthetic presentation of the game and creates a pleasant atmosphere.
  7. Transportation options
    Snooker ball cases and other storage solutions provide a convenient way to transport the balls. This is particularly important for players who take their equipment to different locations, whether for tournaments or recreational games away from home.

In summary, billiard ball accessories offer a holistic solution to optimize the playing experience, protect the equipment and extend the life of the balls.

Snooker ball case

An essential accessory for every passionate billiard player is the snooker ball case. Here, your valuable balls are not only safely protected, but also stored in an organized manner. The cases are available in different sizes and designs so that you can find exactly the right model for your snooker or pool equipment.

Ball position marker

Precision is crucial in billiards. With our ball position markers, you can mark the exact location of a ball so that you can continue playing later without any uncertainties. These markers are easy to place and can be removed without leaving any residue, making them an indispensable aid for training and competitions.

Plastic ball tray

The plastic ball tray is a practical accessory for keeping your balls organized. Available for 16 or 22 balls, it offers safe and organized storage. The robust material ensures durability, while the compartments allow the balls to be arranged individually. Ideal for transportation and storage between games.

Aramith ball cleaner

Proper care of your billiard balls is crucial for their performance. Aramith Ball Cleaner has been specially developed to remove dirt and residue from the balls. Regular use keeps the surface smooth, ensuring precise ball control and optimum rolling performance.

Aramith ball restorer

The Aramith ball restorer is another product from our high-quality range of accessories. This innovative fluid allows you to restore and polish heavily used balls.

Invest in the care and presentation of your billiard balls to take the playing experience to a new level. Our range of accessories not only offers protection and organization, but also products that extend the life of your balls and optimize their performance. Discover the variety of our high-quality accessories and increase your enjoyment of billiards.

If you have any questions about our accessories for billiard balls, snooker balls or pool balls, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.