Billiard balls


Large selection of billiard balls

Once you have purchased a billiard or snooker table, you will of course also need appropriate billiard balls. Depending on which variant you play, a different set of balls is necessary, because they differ not only by the number of billiard balls, but also in its size and weight.

In our online store, you will find the right ball set for all common billiard variants.

Aramith Trick Balls

These black and white billiard balls are made of phenolic resin and are available in sizes 51 mm and 52.5 mm. They are wonderful for performing special tricks on the billiard table because they are weighted. This means that the ball has no central center of gravity, but slightly offset weights provide an uncontrolled ball flow.

Amaze your guests with this surprising game fun and make even professionals sweat.

Bar billiard balls

For this billiard variant, a set of 8 white and one red billiard ball is needed. Points are scored not by sinking the balls into the pocket, but by dropping them into one of the nine holes on the table playing surface, which have different point values.

To enable you to play this traditional game, you can find a set of balls with diameter 47.5 mm in our online store.

Billiard balls

This set consists of a white cue ball and 15 object balls numbered with numbers. The billiard balls are colored from 1 to 8 in full color and from 9 to 15 in half color. Standard balls have the following color distribution: 1 and 9 are yellow, 2 and 10 are blue, 3 and 11 are red, 4 and 12 are purple, 5 and 13 are orange, 6 and 14 are green, 7 and 15 are brown and number 8 is black.

The weight of these balls is standard 170 g each, and they have a diameter of 57.2 mm.

In our online store you can find besides the standard billiard balls also the sizes 37.5 mm to 57 mm, with screen printing or engraved.

Single balls

Even with the most careful care and treatment, one or the other mishap happens, and a billiard ball becomes unusable or unsightly. Maybe you just lost a billiard ball?

In our assortment you will find appropriate replacements. From 35 mm to 57 mm diameter, we offer white cue balls as well as billiard balls and snooker balls, which can also be used for carom. In some sizes, we also offer cue balls with one or more dots.

English billiard balls

This type of game, also known as carom, is played with three billiard balls. One billiard ball is red, the other two are either white or one white and one yellow.

In our assortment you can find ball sets made of Aramith (phenolic resin) in both variants, two- and three-colored, with and without markings. Their size is 52.5 mm.

Billiard ball accessories

So that you have as long as possible something from your new billiard balls, we carry various care and storage products.

Impurities can be removed with the ball cleaner, for polishing and permanent care use the ball conditioner. Both products have been optimally developed for balls made of phenolic resin (Aramith) and do not attack the surface.

If you need to clean the cue ball or any other billiard ball during the game, use the Ball Position Marker. This allows you to mark the exact ball position and then place it back in the same spot.

With our plastic trays for 16 or 22 billiard balls, you protect them from damage by shocks when not in use.

An optimal and safe storage, also during transport, gives the snooker ball case, which offers inside recesses for 25 balls plus chalk. The lined lining made of imitation leather is of high quality and gives a noble look. It can be locked with a combination lock to prevent unauthorized persons from opening it.

Snooker balls

This game requires a white cue ball and 21 object balls, 15 of which are red and one each of yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. The cue may only touch the cue ball, not the other balls. When pocketing, the red balls count 1 point, then, in order of the above colors, the yellow 2 up to the pink with 6 points. The black one is counted with 8 points.

The weight of a billiard ball in snooker is between 130 g and 150 g and its diameter is 52.5 mm. This makes them smaller and lighter than pool billiard balls. While the cheap snooker balls are made of plastic, the Aramith balls are made of high-purity polyester-free phenolic resin. The latter are characterized by their extreme impact resistance, constant density and exact balance.

Training ball

Improve your game with this billiard ball made of high quality Aramith. Developed by world-renowned snooker coach Nic Barrow, this set offers you a 16-page training booklet in addition to the training ball. In it, you will learn how to use the ball.

Improve your aiming, targeting and pocketing and optimize your positional play and strokes.

UK 8 Ball Pool Balls

The ball set in this billiards variant consists of a white cue ball and 15 object balls. Of these, 7 are yellow and 7 are red. One billiard ball is black. They differ to billiard and snooker balls in their smaller size of mostly 47.5 mm diameter.

In our shop, you will find not only ball sets in the standard colors yellow and red, but also in the combination yellow and blue. In addition to the standard size, we also carry UK 8 Ball Pool balls, where all balls are 51 mm in size.

If you want to buy the ball set directly with a matching case, in which they are perfectly kept and protected, we carry appropriate models.

If you have any questions about the billiard balls, we are of course happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.