Rest Sticks

Rest Sticks
Club Rest Stick 153cm
27,50 CHF
Maple Rest Stick 153cm
53,00 CHF
Ash Rest Stick 153cm
49,00 CHF
Ash Rest Stick 137cm
49,00 CHF
Ash Rest Stick 121.9cm
42,50 CHF
Telescopic Long Cue 180cm to 274cm
119,00 CHF
Telescopic Long Rest Stick 180cm to 274cm
119,00 CHF
Telescopic Rest Stick 139cm to 193cm
109,00 CHF
Club Long Butt Cue 275cm
39,00 CHF
Club Half Butt Cue 230cm
39,00 CHF
Club Long 245cm Rest Stick
39,00 CHF
Club Half 215cm Rest Stick
39,00 CHF
1 to 12 (from a total of 16)

Rest sticks as auxiliary cues - Important addition for precision & versatility

The game of billiards is a fascinating sport that requires precision, technique and strategic thinking. Alongside the basics of the game, such as the correct shot and mastery of the balls, auxiliary cues can play a crucial role for players of all levels. Learn more about auxiliary cues in the game of billiards and discover how auxiliary cues can enhance players' skills.

What are rest sticks / auxiliary cues?

Rest sticks and auxiliary cues, are special cue sticks used to overcome difficult or unusual positions on the pool table. These auxiliary cues are a crucial tool to master difficult shots and positions.

The importance of rest sticks as auxiliary cues in the game of billiards

Rest sticks as auxiliary cues are especially important for beginners and players with less experience. They enable these players to master difficult positions and execute precise shots so that you can concentrate on the essentials: the shot and the positioning of the balls.

But also for experienced billiard players, auxiliary cues are advantageous. In competitive game situations, difficult positions can occur where an auxiliary cue can make the difference between winning and losing. Professionals therefore often use auxiliary cues as a tactical option to improve their chances.

Hooks and rest heads as attachments for auxiliary cues

If you already own an auxiliary cue or are planning to purchase one, you should also think about hooks and various attachments that are available to complement your equipment.

Hooks for rest sticks as auxiliary cues

Storing auxiliary cues under the table with a hook is a common way to keep auxiliary cues safe and easily accessible.

Rest heads as attachments for auxiliary cues

There are different types of rest heads as attachments for auxiliary cues, including those for narrow bridges or special positions. These rest heads as attachments provide additional flexibility and precision when using auxiliary cues.

Overall, rest sticks as auxiliary cues are an important addition for any billiards player, regardless of experience level. They greatly expand the skills and possibilities at the table and help to make the game of billiards even more exciting and challenging. So remember to optimise your game with the right auxiliary cues and accessories to boost your performance.

Our range of auxiliary cues includes a wide selection of auxiliary cues with different lengths made from different materials to suit the needs and preferences of billiards players. From shorter auxiliary cues for precise shots to telescopic options for maximum range, there is something here for every player.

If you have any questions about our auxiliary cues, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of know-how.