Marker Board Spare Parts & Accessories

Marker Board Spare Parts & Accessories
Marking Board Rod Brass Effect Rod Only
16,50 CHF
Marking Board Pointers Brass Effect For S5531
6,00 CHF
Marking Board Rod Only Solid Brass
29,00 CHF
Marking Board Pointers Brass For S5541
11,00 CHF
Marking Board Traditional Pointers Brass For S5541
13,00 CHF
Marking Board Rod Only Chrome
29,00 CHF
Marking Board Pointers Chrome For S5535
11,00 CHF
Marking Board Traditional Pointers Chrome For S5535
13,00 CHF
Marking Board Rod Only Black Chrome
32,50 CHF
Marking Board Pointers Black Chrome For S5525
13,00 CHF
Chrome Coloured Marking Board Number Strip 45.7cm
10,00 CHF
Brass Coloured Marking Board Number Strip 45.7cm
10,00 CHF
1 to 12 (from a total of 16)

Maintenance and optimization of counting boards

In the world of counting tables, precision and reliability are of the utmost importance. To ensure that your counting boards are always in perfect condition and working optimally, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts and accessories for counting boards. Our products are designed to extend the life of your counting boards, improve their performance and keep them up and running.

Spare parts and accessories for counting boards

The availability of spare parts and accessories for billiard, snooker and pool scoreboards is crucial to ensure that these games can be played in optimal conditions. Here are some reasons why there are specific spare parts and accessories for scoreboards in these sports:

  1. Intensive use: billiards, snooker and pool are sports that are often played in public areas, clubs or private rooms. The scoreboards are therefore used regularly and intensively. Spare parts make it possible to quickly replace worn or damaged components in order to maintain the smooth operation of the scoreboards.
  2. Adaptation to different game situations: Different game types and rules require different counting methods. Spare parts such as different number strips or counting board pointers allow players to customize the counting board according to the specific requirements of the game.
  3. Accurate counting for competitions: In professional and competitive environments, accurate counting is crucial. Replacement parts for scoreboards ensure that counting remains accurate and reliable for fair competitions.
  4. Technological improvements: As in many other fields, there are continuous technological advancements in billiards. New lighting options, improved materials or electronic scoreboards can be introduced. Spare parts and accessories allow players to upgrade their existing scoreboards or switch to new models without having to replace all their equipment.
  5. Quick repair options: In the event of unexpected problems such as a broken pointer or a damaged number strip, it is important that players or pool hall operators have the ability to quickly obtain replacement parts and repair the scoreboard in a short period of time.

Overall, spare parts and accessories help to extend the life of the scoreboards, optimize their performance and ensure that billiards, snooker and pool can be played in the best possible conditions.

Counting board rods

Our range of scoreboard rods includes robust and durable models that fit perfectly with different scoreboard configurations. Made from high-quality materials, they offer not only stability but also easy mounting options. Whether you need a replacement rod or want to expand your counting board with additional rods, you'll find the right solution here.

Counting board pointers

Accuracy in counting is essential, and our counting board pointers are designed to fulfil these requirements. Available in different lengths and styles, they provide an accurate reading and easy readability. The high-quality finish ensures a long service life, even with intensive use. Discover our selection and optimize the accuracy of your counting board.

Number strips

Clear visibility of numbers is crucial for the efficient use of counting boards. Our number strips are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit different requirements. Made from durable material, they provide a clear and distinct number display, making your counting board even more user-friendly.

Counting board light

For optimum visibility in all environments, we offer high-quality counting board light solutions. These can be easily attached to your counting board and ensure even illumination, even in poorly lit rooms. The energy-efficient lighting options guarantee clear readability of the figures, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Invest in the performance of your counting boards by choosing high-quality spare parts and accessories. Our wide range ensures that you will find the right components for your specific requirements. Trust in quality and precision - optimise your counting boards with our first-class products for efficient and reliable counting practice.

If you have any questions about our spare parts and accessories for counting boards, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.