Ferrules - Precision & versatility for billiard perfection

Discover the variety of high-quality ferrules for the customization and long-lasting performance of your billiard cues.

The ferrules, which serve as a connecting link between the cue and the cue tip, play an important role in the maintenance, repair and replacement of billiard cues. These small but significant components not only have a major impact on the feel and precision of the cue, but also contribute significantly to the overall performance of the player by optimizing shock transmission and control of the cue ball. Therefore, the selection of high-quality ferrules and their regular maintenance is of great importance for every ambitious billiard player.

Black fibre ferrules for stick on tips

Black fibre ferrules are characterized by their robustness and durability. They are particularly popular with players who value a long-term investment in the quality of their equipment. Thanks to their black colour, they blend in elegantly with the design of the cue and give it a classy look.

Brass ferrules for screw on tips

The brass ferrules for screw tips are precisely manufactured and offer excellent stability. These ferrules are specially designed for players who regularly adjust their cues and use screw tips. The use of brass as a material ensures a reliable connection and an even transfer of force to the cue ball.

White plastic ferrules for screw on tips

The white plastic ferrules offer a lightweight alternative to the traditional metal ferrules or brass ferrules. These white plastic ferrules are particularly suitable for players who prefer a lighter feel.

Choosing the right ferrule is crucial for the performance of a billiard cue. Whether black fibres for a classy look, brass for precise stability or white plastic for a lighter feel - the different ferrule types offer a wide range of options. When maintaining, repairing and replacing ferrules, it is important to pay attention to quality and accuracy of fit to ensure an optimal playing experience. Invest in high-quality ferrules to take your billiard game to the next level.

If you have any questions about ferrules, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.