Wall Mounted Cue Racks - Wall holder for cues

Wall Mounted Cue Racks
Club Economy Mahogany Coloured Wall Mounted Cue Rack  Baized Lined Holes For 6 Cues
39,00 CHF
Club Economy Mahogany Coloured Wall Mounted Cue Rack Brass Clips For 6 Cues
42,50 CHF
Mahogany Wall Mounted Cue Rack  Nylon Clips For 6 Cues
85,00 CHF
Mahogany Coloured Wall Mounted Cue Rack  Nylon Clips For 6 Cues
85,00 CHF
Oak Wall Mounted Cue Rack Brass Clips For 6 Cues
95,00 CHF
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Wall-mounted cue holder - Practical storage and elegant accessory

In billiards, it is not just skill at the table that is important, but also careful care and appropriate storage of the equipment. An essential accessory that is often underestimated is the wall cue holder. This elegant yet practical aid not only provides a safe place to store the cues, but also contributes to the aesthetics of the playing room.

Functions and significance

A wall-mounted cue holder is primarily used to store billiard cues safely and in an organised manner. By storing the cues vertically on the wall, they are protected from bending and other damage that could impair their playing quality. In addition, the holder allows quick access to the cues, which is particularly advantageous in communal playrooms.

Variants and selection criteria

Wall-mounted cue holders are available in different versions, materials and designs. The simplest models offer space for two to three cues, while more extensive holders can hold up to twelve or more cues. Popular materials include wood, metal and plastic, with wood being particularly appreciated for its warm appearance and durability. In addition to capacity and material, the design and fit with the ambience of the billiard room should also be taken into account when making a selection.

Installation and care

Installing a wall-mounted cue holder is generally straightforward and only requires basic tools such as a screwdriver and drill. It is important to mount the holder at an appropriate height to give the cues a secure hold and at the same time keep the floor clear. Maintaining the holder is usually easy and depends on the material. Wooden holders, for example, benefit from occasional treatment with wood care products to protect them from moisture and maintain their appearance.

Our range of wall cue holders

Our range of wall cue holders offers a selection for the sophisticated and aesthetic storage of billiard cues. The collection features a variety of materials, colours and mounting options that aim to meet both functional and decorative needs. From classic mahogany to robust oak, from lined holes to elegant brass or practical nylon clips, each model has been carefully selected to ensure safe storage and easy access to cues while enhancing the room.

At the heart of the collection are two main variants: Mahogany coloured models and oak models, each designed to hold six cues. The mahogany models vary between lined holes and brass or nylon clips that provide an elegant yet protective storage option. The special colouring and texture of the mahogany give these holders an elegant and warm appearance. Oak models with brass clips offer an alternative aesthetic that exudes naturalness and strength, ideal for interiors that favour a lighter wood look.

Each model in this range has been designed with durability, style and practicality in mind. Whether for private use or for bars, clubs and public billiard rooms, these wall-mounted cue holders represent an investment in quality and design that not only organises the playing area but also enhances it visually. The selection takes into account different tastes and room designs, so that the right wall cue holder can be found for every billiard enthusiast and every interior.

Wall cue holder - more than just an accessory

The wall cue holder for billiards is more than just a functional accessory; it is a symbol of appreciation for the sport and its equipment. By carefully selecting and maintaining such a holder, billiard players can not only extend the life of their cues, but also add an elegant and professional touch to their playing space. Whether for the private hobby room or the professional billiard parlour, a high-quality wall cue holder is an investment that pays off in many ways.

If you have any questions about wall cue holders, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.