Cue Racks Floor Standing

Cue Racks Floor Standing
Circular Cue Stand to Hold 10 Cues
75,00 CHF
Tall Circular Cue Stand to Hold 12 Cues
595,00 CHF
Reproduction Circular Cue Stand to Hold 18 Cues
995,00 CHF
Chrome 6 Hole Cue Stand
119,00 CHF
Brass 6 Hole Cue Stand
119,00 CHF
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Billiard cue stand - elegance and functionality for the games room

In the world of billiards, it is not only the skill of the player and the quality of the cue that is decisive, but also how the equipment is presented and stored. A billiard cue stand plays a key role in this. It combines elegance and functionality in a way that fulfils both the aesthetic and practical requirements of a billiard room.

Billiard cue stands are more than just simple storage options. They act as a showcase for the cues, protecting them from damage and keeping them ready to hand for the next game. From minimalist designs to ornate pieces, there is a wide range of stands to suit any interior.

Types of cue stands

There are different types of cue stands that vary in material, capacity and design. The most common materials are wood, metal and plastic. Wooden stands exude warmth and classicism, while metal and plastic versions are ideal for modern and minimalist gaming rooms. The capacity varies from small models intended for a few cues to large ones that can hold an extensive collection.

Cue stand selection criteria

Several factors should be considered when choosing a billiard cue rack. The size of the room plays a role, as does the number of cues that need to be accommodated. Aesthetics should not be disregarded; the cue rack should harmonise with the rest of the furniture and the ambience of the room. In addition, the stability of the stand is crucial to ensure that the cues are stored safely and without the risk of tipping over.

Care and maintenance of cue stands

Maintaining a billiard cue rack is relatively simple, but important to preserve its longevity and beauty. Dust and dirt should be removed regularly, and the material - especially if it is made of wood - may occasionally need special treatment to protect it from moisture and wear and tear.

Our range of cue stands

Our range of billiard cue stands offers a variety of options to suit every need and style. Starting with the economy cue stand, which is made from wood and capable of holding up to 10 cues - ideal for the budget-conscious buyer who still values quality and functionality. For those who have a few more cues, we also offer wooden stands for 12 and 18 cues. The stand for 18 cues is particularly characterised by its rotating base, which allows easy access to the cues and ensures an elegant presentation.

For lovers of modern designs, we have chrome and brass cue stands in our range, both designed for storing 6 cues. The chrome stand stands out with its shiny, contemporary look that fits perfectly into modern games rooms. The brass stand, also for 6 cues, adds a classic elegance and is perfect for rooms that favour a traditional or retro-inspired look. Each stand in our range is carefully crafted to not only ensure safe storage of your cues, but also to serve as a decorative element in any game room or living room.

Cue stands - The unexpected jewel in the world of billiards

A billiard cue stand is far more than just an accessory. It is a statement that expresses style and passion for the game. The right choice and care of a stand not only contribute to the aesthetics and functionality of the playing area, but also to the enjoyment of the game itself. By harmonising quality, design and practicality, the billiard cue stand becomes an indispensable part of any billiard equipment, reflecting the attention to detail and tradition of this noble game.

If you have any questions about the cue stands, we will of course be happy to advise you with our many years of expertise.